14 Best Apps Like Grain Credit – Get Personal Loans Without A Credit Score

You might be asking what the best option to Grain Credit is if you’re wanting to finance your small business. Many applications provide finance in a variety of methods, including traditional loans and more innovative financing solutions such as crowdsourcing.

Life may be a journey full of unexpected twists and turns. You never know when it’ll throw you a curveball. The only thing you can control is how well you prepare so that you hit a home run rather than lose the game. This is especially true when it comes to money.

Needs, crises, dreams, and wishes all require large sums of money to be fulfilled. These can appear at any time, and one can never have enough money to deal with them. You look for quick personal loans but come up empty-handed. Because you don’t have a strong credit score, you keep getting turned down.

These 10 applications can assist entrepreneurs in obtaining the funds they want to launch their small enterprises.

1. Square

Many small companies have benefited from the mobile payment tool in terms of financial services. Without a typical point-of-sale system, Square enables small company owners to receive payments rapidly. It comes highly recommended and is great for new businesses. Analytics data is also available to users.

Furthermore, if you join up for Square as a merchant (rather than an individual), there are no fees, which is great news for newcomers who don’t want to spend extra money on beginning charges. You may take credit card payments using PayPal or Stripe if you prefer those services.

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2. Stripe

Even if you’re not competing with others in your field, there are lots of reasons to consider Stripe while developing your app. It’s a feature that simplifies the process of receiving payments and handling various transactions. Stripe’s interface simplifies reporting and offers payment choices that might assist increase sales.

Check out Stripe and consider joining up if you operate an online business or need to manage a large number of transactions. When it comes to running a small business, you might be shocked at how much easier it can make your life! Some firms even provide financing through applications like Grain Credit, which allows company owners to take advantage of new possibilities without having to worry about their credit score or capital costs.

Android / IOS

3. Cash App

Cash Program is a one-of-a-kind app that allows you to save money and then access it using a debit card.

Cash App, on the other hand, may be used for bitcoin and stock investments. You may also use Cash App to send money back and forth, same as how you would with PayPal or Venmo. Cash App may be an all-in-one cash management app for some. However, you should maintain a separate bank account.

Android / IOS

4. Petal Card

The Petal Card is a Visa card designed for those with no credit history. This isn’t a secured credit card, so you won’t have to put any money down.

Petal is available in two variations. The first version, which is meant for folks who have never built credit, offers limits ranging from $300 to $5,000 and no yearly fees.

The second option, which has no fees and limitations of $300 to $10,000, intended for people who are still developing their credit.

Android / IOS

5.  Point Card

The Petal Card is a Visa card designed for those with no credit history. This isn’t a secured credit card, so you won’t have to put any money down.

Petal is available in two variations. The first version, which is meant for folks who have never built credit, offers limits ranging from $300 to $5,000 and no yearly fees.

The second option, which has no fees and limitations of $300 to $10,000, intended for people who are still developing their credit.

Android / IOS

6. American Express

An American Express loan functions similarly to a credit card. When you apply online, you’ll be asked to provide financial information about your company, and if you’re accepted, you’ll be able to use American Express to make purchases just like a credit card. Interest is levied if you do not pay off your debt in full at the end of each month, just as with a standard credit card.

Paying via invoice is generally more cost-effective than paying by credit card since firms can get paid up to 120 days after supplying products or services. It’s possible that Grain Credit may provide it as an add-on service to firms that use its monthly lending plan.

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7. Kabbage

You may acquire a fast cash advance from Kabbage with a short online application and a small company credit score. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; all you need is an Internet connection and a debit card. Kabbage, unlike other alternative loan alternatives, doesn’t demand collateral or credit checks—all you have to do is provide information about your company to get an offer.

When you do, Kabbage will make two payments: one to your bank account, and the other to your suppliers to cover expenditures like inventory or wages. If everything goes according to plan, Kabbage will be paid back in full after you close up your bills with new clients or generate more money through sales; this is intriguing for anybody looking for the top applications like Grain Credit.

Android / IOS

8. Bluepay

BluePay makes it simple to obtain financing: With your computer or smartphone, you may apply in just a few minutes. There is no credit check, and you may pay your expenses with cash. Plus, when you utilize BluePay, your consumers pay you right away for what you owe them.

There are no late fees, no hidden fees, and no extra time spent managing delinquent accounts with BluePay. And, if you need more than $5,000 to start your business, we recommend choosing a traditional lender like Lending Club rather than an app like Grain Credit.

IOS / Android

9. iDAPT

The iDAPT platform is a digital marketplace that connects local, independent business service providers with small businesses and consumers. They’ll handle all of your company’s needs, from ad design to site hosting. Though they began by focusing on tech support, they now provide hundreds of services over 50+ categories, so no matter what your company’s needs are, they’re likely to be able to assist you in finding anything at a reasonable price.

There’s no need to pay full price! Simply fill out their online form to be matched with a local small business that can handle everything for you—at a fraction of the price it would cost otherwise. You receive what you want without having to go through a middleman, which is why iDAPT is one of our partners.

10. MyBambu

MyBambu may be the answer if you wish to finance your business by utilizing and seeking applications like Grain Credit using a simple credit card. MyBambu is a bank that provides small companies with lines of credit without needing collateral and has garnered money from Mark Cuban and other renowned venture capitalists.

That isn’t all, though. When you make a purchase, MyBambu takes care of things like setting up payment reminders and dealing with any customer support issues that arise—all at no cost to you or your clients. Bamboo might be on your radar if you’re exploring for financing choices other than a typical loan (such as an SBA loan).

IOS / Android

11. Fundbox

Funding is a catch-22 in that it’s difficult to acquire without an established firm, but it’s also difficult to start one without it. When you know where to go for funding, it’s a lot easier; check out Fundbox, which offers loans up to $50,000 with flexible payback terms so you can pay it back at your own speed (and only when you need it).

Interest rates are competitive, at 9%, and even if your application is turned down, you can still get free professional guidance from the Funding Circle community. You may apply in as little as 60 seconds and there are no fees or penalties.

IOS / Android

12. Self Card

The Self Card is a simple card developed for those who have no credit or need to restore their credit. Users may use the Self Card to apply for a credit card, set up automatic payments, and track their credit score over time.

This is an excellent credit card for people who are still learning the fundamentals of good credit and wish to build their credit with minimal risk.

IOS / Android

13. Chime

Chime, another popular app, provides a different way to accumulate credit. To begin with, your paycheck is really deposited early when it is deposited.

As a result, you get access to your cash two days earlier than you would otherwise, which might help you build up a buffer if you have bills that are approaching their due dates.

Second, by serving as a credit card rather than a debit card, it helps you improve your credit score. You may also send money to others directly via the app, similar to Cash App or Venmo.

IOS / Android

14. Kikoff

Kikoff is a no-cost service that provides customers with a maximum line of credit of $500. It is designed to assist individuals who are starting from scratch with their credit history.

The key advantage of the San Francisco-based company’s card is that it assists individuals who do not want to pay any money for a secured card and so have no other method to start developing credit.

There are no fees or interest, but there is a catch: users may only “spend” the funds on the company’s online store. Kikoff reports to two of the main credit agencies, but no credit checks are performed. There is just $500 on the card, no more and no less.

IOS / Android

Getting a Line of Credit Without a Credit Score

There are two categories of apps on the list above. One is a line of credit (secured or unsecured) that you can receive without a credit score.

The other sort of app is a payday loan, which allows you to borrow money against your future wages. Either of them can assist you in establishing credit and provide you with credit in the event of an emergency.

The interest rate, the loan origination cost, and the yearly fees are all things to consider. Always consider how much your money is costing you and go with the cheapest choice.

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