10 Best Augmented Reality Games for Android and iOS

Augmented Reality games (AR games) aim to offer a sense of realism and immersion into the experience by expanding your playfield. They do it by fusing virtual aspects into a real-world setting, and the result is a really mind-blowing experience.

Augmented Reality Games haven’t gained a lot of traction, but they’ve found a comfortable niche among gamers searching for something that doesn’t tie them to a chair. I’ll be presenting the Top 10 Augmented Reality games for portable devices that will allow you to get out of your gaming chair and participate in a larger-than-life game that encourages some physical activity.

Top 10 Interactive AR Games for 2022

This post is for you if you have an Android phone and want to play augmented reality games. You can now play the greatest android augmented reality games with simply your cellphone.

Some of the tops augmented reality games for Android phones include:

1. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is widely regarded as the pioneer of augmented reality games, having paved the way for other game creators to follow suit. Pokemon has a cult following throughout the world, and its earlier PC and mobile games have received positive reviews. Unlike prior iterations, the makers stunned everyone with the AR game, which forced players to seek pokeballs on a real-world map.

2. DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition

The DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition puts you in the shoes of a problem solver working with « Batman, » the greatest detective of all time. Players can tinker with bat-tech and aid in the capture of criminals by looking into the evidence left behind.

It includes 10 mini-games, each of which allows you to practice a skill such as employing a unique batman device or driving the batmobile into Gotham City. Players will also get access to five digital comics, augmented reality face filters, sticker packs, and more. It’s also free to play, with in-app purchases allowing you to quickly level up and outperform the competitors.

3. The Walking Dead: Our World

This game’s environment is comparable to that of top-tier AR games like Pokemon Go and Ghostbusters. This game’s world is fairly similar to the worlds of the previous games. With the inclusion of zombies, though, this AR game takes on a whole new meaning.

The game assigns you the responsibility of destroying these zombies with a variety of weapons. To make it out alive, you must exterminate all zombies within your perimeter.

It builds stress in you by overlaying zombies on top of your surroundings. The game follows the plot of the film, with several tasks based on the film to complete.

4. Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime is one of the most popular Augmented Reality games for Android users. Ingress Prime is now accessible for iOS, which is great news for the ecosystem’s users because the game is one of the few AR games that is really collaborative and entertaining. Before you begin the game, you are given the option of joining one of two groups.

The Enlightened and The Resistance are the two sides. Players can choose a side and begin building real-world gateways. The game was praised for its vision and integration of augmented reality into the mobile gaming market. Despite the fact that the game’s most recent upgrades have messed up the gameplay, Ingress Prime is worth a shot.

5. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter is a timeless brand that continues to ignite that magical flame in all fields. Since the novel’s great progression, Harry Potter has remained a classic. In gaming, the brand is also well-known among the upper echelons.

The most current AR game from Niantic is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It, like Pokemon Go and other fantastic augmented reality games, brings enchantment into the real world. Players may travel throughout the globe, gathering things and engaging in combat with other players.

It also presents a worldwide calamity that has allegedly struck witches and wizards. You’ll have to cope with this chaos as well during the game. It’s the ideal game for ‘Potterheads,’ as it incorporates characters from the books.

6. Jurassic World Alive

The word ‘Jurassic’ conjures up images of the prehistoric animals we now know as Dinosaurs. Since the great popularity of the Jurassic Park film, a slew of games have been released to go along with it. Jurassic World Alive for Android is one of these amazing games.

This engaging game is comparable to Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in terms of gameplay. That game is what brings the most dangerous of creatures to life.

Players must go around the actual world in quest of dinosaurs to gather and equip. Then there are duels with other players and a battle for dominance. Surprisingly, the game includes a lab mode in which players may build war-ready hybrid dinosaurs.

7. Knightfall AR

Do you like to see how Knights fought in the past? For all game fans, the Knightfall AR is a must-try. You may relive the conflicts that Knights and their armies had to fight to defend their land in this game. The augmented reality features in this game are well-executed, and you can see flying arrows, troops being utterly destroyed, and even dead birds being catapulted into the air when mortar bombs impact the troop and surrounding environs.

The single-player mode, like other games, might become tedious after a few hours, which is why we recommend playing Knightfall AR in multiplayer mode. This excellent augmented reality game is accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones and is completely free.

8. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a fitness game that also provides an immersive gaming experience. It’s a solely audio-focused running game in which you’ll need to utilize earbuds to get the most out of it. The principle is simple: flee anytime the narrator warns you about the approaching hordes, and speed up as they approach.

There are several seasons with compelling plots that will keep you engrossed for a long time. This game is perfect for folks who need a reason to run and something to persuade them to get out of bed in the morning. You can play Zombies, Run! for free, but if you want access to seasons and the most recent events, you may upgrade to the premium version.

9. AR Sports Basketball

Everyone’s goal is to shoot hoops in a genuine setting. However, locating hoops in this manner is impossible. AR Sports Basketball is an interactive AR game focused on shooting hoops that allows you to feel the delight of playing basketball outside.

The present background has been included into the mix to give the players a sense of reality, and it appears to be part-cartoonish and part-real. There’s also an unlimited game mode where you may keep shooting baskets until you’re exhausted. Although AR Sports Basketball is free, it lacks a multiplayer feature.

10. Jenga AR

Jenga AR does exactly what it says on the tin. A fun augmented reality Jenga game to enjoy with friends and family. Unless there are no more pieces, you can spin the tables and pick them up. One of the biggest advantages of Jenga AR is that you can’t topple the tower over and disrupt the game. Its pass and play function allow up to five users to play on a single device.

The dismal tower arrangement is given some color and brightness by four separate planets or backdrops. Jenga AR is a free-to-play game for mobile devices that is accessible on both Android and iOS.

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