Sony Makes It Easier to Control Your Camera With Xperia Pro Phones

Owners of the Sony Xperia PRO and PRO-I will be able to use False Color, Live Streaming, and Waveform thanks to new external camera monitor features.

The Xperia PRO and Xperia PRO-I now have more possibilities when used as an external display, generally in conjunction with one of Sony’s Alpha cameras. Since the Xperia PRO’s launch, you may use it as an additional camera monitor, but this extension intends to provide you with more precise smartphone control.

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Now, when used as a monitor, the Xperia PRO and Xperia PRO-I can also employ the Waveform feature to more precisely regulate exposure and RGB balance. The bigger Xperia screen will make changes brought on by modifying the exposure easier to see, whereas the False Color option, which is employed when adjusting iris settings, will do the opposite. There is also no need to daisy-chain your camera and phone to your computer for streaming because Live Streaming can be done simply using Xperia’s External Monitor capabilities.

When the External Monitor function is engaged, only the Xperia PRO has the ability to directly control several Alpha camera capabilities. So you can Record and Stop without touching the camera if you connect your Xperia PRO to a Sony Alpha 1, Alpha 7S III, or Alpha 7 IV. Additionally, the EV indicator, F-number, ISO settings, recording status, and shutter speed can all be seen on the Xperia Pro.

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Today, the external monitor update will be available for download through a push notification on all Xperia PRO and Xperia PRO-I smartphones.