How to Take a Selfie on iPhone: Tips and Poses

  • To take a selfie, select Camera > Switch Camera (to choose the front camera) > Photo or Portrait > Shutter.
  • To enable mirror image selfies, go to Settings > Enable Mirror Front Camera (on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and later) or Mirror Front Photos (iPhone X and earlier).

want to Take a Selfie on iPhone? A nice selfie shouldn’t be that difficult to snap. But we’ve all experienced it: you take a picture because you’re feeling hot and confident and are anxious to send it to last night’s steamy Tinder date, and surprise! Your camera suddenly becomes cold and vindictive and won’t let you seem as you truly do.

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What are the best selfie angles?

The best selfie angle to take a selfie on iPhone is the one that allows you to enjoy your distinctive appearance the most. Having said that, the only way to determine that aspect is to experiment with a variety of perspectives and determine which ones you prefer.

Here are a couple of selfie angles you can try: 

  • Pointing your chin slightly down and looking up at the camera
  • Turning your face slightly to one side
  • Laying down and putting the camera directly above your face
  • Looking straight on at the camera but slightly elevating the arm that’s holding your iPhone 
  • Pointing the camera upward and looking down at it with your chin extended out slightly 

How to Take a Selfie

To take a selfie on your iPhone, simply follow these simple instructions. Later, we’ll go over some practical advice for improving your self-portrait abilities as well as the robust in-camera settings.

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  1. Select the Camera icon on the iPhone home screen.
  2. Select the Switch Camera icon to choose the front camera.
  3. Select Photo or Portrait. The Portrait mode and the Portrait Lighting features blur the background for more creative selfies.
    • In the Photo mode, tap the double-headed white arrows to increase or decrease the field of view.
    • In the Portrait mode, tap the shutter button when the Depth Effect box turns yellow.
  4. Position your face and tap the Shutter button or press either volume button to take the selfie. The camera app can warn you to move further away when the phone is too close to your face.
  5. iPhone saves the selfie in the Photos app on your iPhone.
How to Take a Selfie on iPhone Tips and poses
How to Take a Selfie on iPhone: Tips and poses

How to Use the iPhone Camera Settings for Better Selfies

At first glance, the stock iPhone Camera app could appear unimpressive. However, it conceals a lot of options you may utilize to enhance your selfie. to Take a Selfie on iPhone follow this system:

  • Use the six Portrait lighting modes for more inspiring selfies.
  • Adjust the Depth-of-Field (the focal length slider) to blur the background and focus on your face.
  • Take advantage of the 3 or 10-second timer delay to pose and take an automatic selfie.
How to Take a Selfie on iPhone: Tips and poses
How to Take a Selfie on iPhone: Tips and poses
  • Move the Exposure slider manually (in both Photo and Portrait mode) to adjust the amount of light on the face.
  • Choose the Square photo (in Photo mode) for selfies you want to upload to social media.
  • Activate the Flash (in both Photo and Portrait mode) to highlight your face for low-light selfies.
How to Take a Selfie on iPhone: Tips and poses

How to Take a Good Selfie on iphone

Keep the iPhone’s camera lens clean.

Selfies taken with a camera lens that is dirty or stained may have flecks of dust in them or may not let any light through at all. Before taking a picture, wipe the glass with a gentle, lint-free cloth.

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Select the Proper Background

The appropriate background will eliminate distractions and maintain the attention on your face. For your selfie setting, pick a place that isn’t crowded and a backdrop color that goes with the outfit you are wearing.

Shoot using natural lighting

Soft, diffused natural light is best for selfies. Take pictures in the morning and evening when the light is softer for the most flattering effects.  You can also stand near a window to diffuse harsh light and allow it to bounce from the surrounding walls.

Face the Light’s Source.

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Face the light source at all times since strong light behind the face might cast undesirable shadows. To expose all angles of your face and prevent shadow rings under your eyes or on your chin, the light source should be placed close to eye level for optimal effects.

For better compositions, use the grid.

The Rule of Thirds Grid can be activated on the iPhone camera by selecting Settings > Camera > Composition > Grid. The key aspects in your selfie can be better positioned by being at the intersection of the four lines to catch the viewer’s eye.