8 Best Gmail Alternatives of 2022

There are more email service providers besides the well-known Gmail. In reality, a different email account could meet your demands better in terms of privacy protection, data security, and other issues. Here are some of our favorite Gmail substitutes along with comparisons to Google’s service for each.

One of the things we take for granted is email services. But what if email services broke down or skyrocketed in price? What would happen if spam, malware, and other email dangers started to affect your daily life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a reliable backup email service? This blog was established as a result.

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Why You Should Use Email Services Like Gmail

Gmail and other email services are a need in the toolset of every busy individual. They’re fantastic for maintaining contact with friends and family and being organized. Additionally, sending numerous emails is simple with the ” cc ” (carbon copy) feature without having to retype anything.

The dependable transmission of critical information, such as test results or medical updates, may also be accomplished using email services. In order to make it simpler to discover what you’re searching for, email providers also make it simple to establish folders for various kinds of email conversations.

10 Best Gmail Alternatives You Should Try

1. Best for Security: ProtonMail

ProtonMail has earned a reputation for being extremely secure over time. The end-to-end encryption feature and enhanced password protection services make it one of the most secure methods to send emails.

You are only allowed to send 150 messages per day and receive 500MB of storage space for free, so the Plus service, which costs a few dollars per month, is preferable. You can create folders, labels, and custom filters with the subscription service, and you also receive superior customer service.

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However you decide to use it, ProtonMail is extremely secure. You won’t need to be concerned about anyone accessing your emails because security is prioritized. They are unreadable even by ProtonMail itself.

2. Best for Space: GMX Mail

There are several adverts for GMX, a totally free email service. It doesn’t have a pleasing appearance right away, but it has a ton of storage. That’s because it supports attachments up to 50MB in size and lets you store more than 500,000 emails at once. If you use email frequently, that is considerably superior to many other email services and will be helpful.

Mobile applications are also available, and it works on pretty much any device conceivable. Other capabilities include an online calendar, giving you access to Gmail-style functionality as well. Additionally, if desired, you may add email aliases to GMX. GMX has you covered for basic, optional email.

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3. Best for Sensitive Content: Hushmail

Do you frequently email delicate files and documents? A lot of professionals use Hushmail because to its encrypted security features and contract support, and the company takes pleasure in this fact. The latter allows you to email papers through the app and sign contracts electronically, giving you piece of mind.

For the typical user who only wants to use an alternative email service, it may be a bit excessive, but for those seeking high-end protection, it is unquestionably worthy. So that you won’t have to worry about an unattractive email address, you may connect it into any current domain names you already hold. Also a smart place to start is with 10GB of storage.

4. Best for iOS users: iCloud Mail

own a Mac or an iPhone? Your iCloud email address is almost definitely one you already have from signing up for several services. Although the iCloud.com domain name isn’t the most spectacular, it is highly useful and cost nothing to use. It is even easier to use because of how similar the design is to a stripped-down version of Gmail. That is mirrored in its features, which cover only the bare minimum and make no mention of robust encryption.

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Even though your first amount of free iCloud storage is only 5GB, it’s still a respectable package. You won’t have to worry about difficult setup either because it is connected to all of your Apple devices. It’s the ideal place to start for Apple users who want to switch email providers.

5. Best for Personalization: Mail.com

One of the first brands in the industry, Mail.com, offers some really amazing customization options. That’s because you have access to a wide range of domain names for your email address. You are not required to use a @mail.com domain. Instead, you may express yourself through amusing websites like techie.com, graduate.com, or elvisfan.com.

Many people find the free plan to be enough, but you must pay if you want greater flexibility, such as the ability to send emails using POP3 support from other apps or service providers. Additionally, Mail.com only allows for 2GB of file storage. However, if all you want to do is communicate via SMS, the domain names are a terrific opportunity to have some fun. It’s perfect for a petty account.

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6. Simplest to Use: Outlook

Outlook, the Windows version of iCloud, makes things straightforward. Its UI is really basic, making it ideal for beginners and people who just need to send a few emails. If you use Windows frequently, it’s a charming product to use because of how nicely it interacts with the operating system. Additionally, it syncs with your contacts, calendar, OneDrive, and OneNote, seamlessly integrating into your everyday routine.

However, it may occasionally feel rather simple as an email service. Although it isn’t the lowest here, it just has 5GB of storage, which isn’t much. Furthermore, the maximum file size for transmission is 5MB. Windows users, though, can’t go wrong here in terms of ease.

7. Best Themes: Yahoo Mail

There are advantages and disadvantages to using Yahoo Mail, which has been around for a while. Positively, it’s quite simple to use. Its interface is the most similar to Gmail’s, making it perfect for sending a few emails only occasionally. You may also choose from a wide variety of themes to customize the interface to your liking. Additionally, Yahoo Mail offers outstanding features like 1000GB of email storage and 100MB attachment size limits.

It fails because of its spam problems. You run the risk of getting a lot of spam through the service because of its advancing age and subpar spam filtering. It also has a lot of advertising, which is unfortunate.

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8. Most Minimalist: Fastmail

Want a service with no ads at all? Fastmail is ideal in this situation. You won’t have to worry about your emails being sold for specialized marketing, and it’s easy to use. Additionally, Fastmail has excellent spam filters that really operate to block unwanted stuff.

However, there is a cost associated with the privilege. Although it’s only a tiny monthly price that varies based on how much storage space you need, it does ensure that you won’t be using this account as a throwaway one. You may test it out for free, and we particularly like the simple themes used. It’s wonderful to see that everything takes only a few seconds, from setup to signing in.