150 Best Affiliate Programs of 2022 (High Paying for Beginners)

If you’re anything like me, your major aim when you join affiliate programs is to earn rewards by promoting things so that you may wake up to something like this:

When you get out of bed, you’ll notice that you’ve earned $957.60 on a single affiliate sale.

Continue reading if you want to discover how to build a blog or a YouTube channel and cash in on this $6.8 billion business.

Affiliate programs in common areas such as web hosting, website builders, VPNs, travel, finance, fashion, beauty, and fitness are included on this list.

Sports, music, video games, cryptocurrencies, and marijuana/CBD oil are among the newer verticals included.

So, why should you believe my reviews of affiliate programs?

I’ve been on both sides as an Affiliate Manager and a 7-figure affiliate blogger.

You can read my guide on how to start a blog or my web hosting reviews to get started with your affiliate site.

Ultimately, you can set up an affiliate site with Bluehost for just $2.95/month.

First things first, I want to cover my top pick – Fiverr.

#1. Best Overall Affiliate Program: Fiverr

While I discuss a variety of affiliate categories in this post, there is one affiliate program that covers everything and is the most straightforward to advertise.

Fiverr is the affiliate program in question.

Fiverr is comparable to Amazon in terms of digital services.

You may advertise the world’s largest marketplace for online services by joining the Fiverr affiliate program. The possibilities are numerous, ranging from logo design and writing to programming, WordPress jobs, and business services.

Affiliates may earn up to $150 CPA for each first-time customer after pushing these services, or up to $1,000 per sale using their $10 CPA/10 percent rev share hybrid model (service prices go up to $10,000).

With Fiverr Gig Ads, affiliates may now advertise particular gigs directly on their blog posts:

Overall, Fiverr is my top pick for the greatest affiliate program, with over 250 categories and over 3 million digital services to advertise.

let’s move onto the full list.

What Are the Best Affiliate Programs with high revenu?

Web hosting is the first item on the list, and it is one of the most prominent affiliate marketing categories on the planet.

A host is required for each new website.

As a result, the majority of affiliates who write about marketing, starting an internet business, or blogging initially join a web hosting affiliate program.

Web hosting providers, in the end, offer some of the greatest affiliate programs and commissions, which is why they’re at the top of my list.

The following are my recommendations for the best high-paying affiliate programs.

1. Bluehost


As a site hosting provider, the Bluehost affiliate program is quite popular. The cost barrier is low, and the commissions are significant, with plans beginning at $2.95/month and one-time payments starting at $65+.

As a result, they are one of the most practical ways for affiliate bloggers to earn money online.

You can gain credit for referrals up to 45 days after the initial click if you sign up for their program. Payments are made between the 16th and the last day of each month, and a minimum of $100 is required to release your payment.

You’ll get great conversion rates and get access to text links and advertising to help them swiftly if you promote Bluehost. Their affiliate managers offer fantastic customer service, and they are my top choice and come highly recommended.

Have a name idea for your blog? Use this quick domain search tool powered by Bluehost – our recommended web hosting provider

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2. Hostinger.


Hostinger is another prominent web hosting provider that has a tiered pricing system that may pay affiliates up to $150 per transaction.

Their affiliate partner program pays out a base of $60 with the potential to earn up to $150.

They have high conversion rates since their small business and WordPress hosting plans are usually discounted by 90%.

They, like many other site providers, offer banners and promotional tools to new affiliates to assist them get started.

If you still need to start an affiliate website, click my link below to save 90% on your Hostinger account.

3. Elementor


Elementor is a powerful, drag-and-drop website builder. Elementor allows web designers to create beautiful, feature-rich WordPress websites without having to know how to code.

Collaboration is the key to success – Elementor’s online community has over 100,000 members. There, web designers exchange ideas, suggestions, and critiques, hold meetups, and encourage one another to advance professionally.

Elementor’s affiliate program has five pricing packages ranging from $49 to $999 a year, with a 50 percent commission on each sale. Affiliates may more easily advertise multiple priced plans to target audiences because to the wide range of pricing levels.

Elementor is a prominent choice for web hosting and WordPress bloggers, with some affiliates making over $10,000.

4. Cloudways


Cloudways‘ web hosting affiliate program rewards affiliates with substantial payments, extended recurring commissions, and three different payout types.

You can earn up to $125 per sale depending on your performance tier for one-time rewards. You can also use their hybrid model to earn $30 per sale plus a 7% monthly lifetime commission for the customer’s lifetime.

Cloudways offers its affiliates real-time tracking, as well as a performance dashboard that displays clicks, conversions, and other useful data.

They also offer fantastic account managers (some of whom I personally know) and a wealth of tools, such as onboarding emails, manuals, monthly newsletters, benchmark articles, and blog posts.

With the link below, you can join the Cloudways affiliate program.

5. HostGator


You may make up to $100 per signup by marketing HostGator, and you’ll have multiple compensation structures as well as co-branded landing pages and incentives.

For instance, my HostGator landing page offers users a 60% discount on HostGator plans.

They also offer tiered commission arrangements, meaning that the more affiliates you recommend, the more money you make. You can opt for a performance-based commission model or a hybrid commission plan that includes regular payments.

You’ll get a specialized affiliate account manager as well as marketing resources like banners, text links, outstanding article material, and email templates if you join their program. They’re also a fantastic web server for creating an affiliate website.

To get 60% off HostGator site hosting, use the link below.

6. GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks is a user-friendly (and ecologically friendly) web host that you should check out if your users are seeking for one.

You may not be aware that your website has a carbon impact.

GreenGeeks is attempting to change this by substituting renewable energy credits for 3x the amount of energy taken from the grid.

You may earn up to $125 per sale if you join their affiliate program, depending on your performance and traffic levels. GreenGeeks has paid out over $3.5 million to their affiliates over the years, and they provide specialized account managers and useful reporting tools to help you succeed.

7. WP Engine

WP Engine offers one of the best affiliate payments, with commissions beginning at $200. They are a robust site hosting platform and one of the most popular web servers for bloggers that cover WordPress plugins and themes.

Incentives and price levels are part of their program. You will get an additional $100 if you make five sales. You will receive $250 if you make 10 purchases. They also have a two-tier scheme where you can earn $50 for every sub-affiliate you bring on board.

WP Engine features an industry-leading 180-day cookie length, which means that purchases can be credited up to 6 months after visitors click your affiliate link.

The sole disadvantage is that their product is more expensive than other web servers, resulting in lower conversion rates.

8. Liquid Web

Liquid Web has its own affiliate program, where affiliates are paid 150 percent of purchases, which may range from $150 to $7,000 each sale.

They have great account managers and a two-tiered structure. This allows you to receive a tiny commission for purchases made through your two-tier link by other affiliates (like mine in this article).

Check out Liquid Web if you’re seeking for a solid affiliate marketing network with large compensation.

9. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a marketing and sales platform that includes a specialized CRM, email marketing software, a landing page builder, and other features.

Affiliates are compensated for both leads and sales through their affiliate program. For example, if you suggest a free user to Sendinblue, you will get 5€, and you will receive an extra 100€ for each paying client. Payments are processed fast and reliably via PayPal or bank transfer, based on my experience with them.

They have a 90-day cookie lifespan and Tapfiliate provides real-time tracking. Conversion rates from click-to-lead and lead-to-sale are high since they’re a well-known marketing platform.

If you’re writing to a group of people that require a comprehensive set of marketing tools, advertising Sendinblue through their affiliate program is a great option.

VPN Affiliate Programs

We’ll then move on to virtual private networks, or VPNs.

Since 2013, about 25% of worldwide internet users have utilized a VPN at least once per month, and the industry continues to grow year after year.

Because of the rising popularity of this technology, all sorts of affiliate sites can advise their viewers to set up a secret internet connection.

In fact, I joined the bandwagon with my essay on the 19 Best VPN Services.

I also use a VPN to encrypt my internet on public WiFi, watch Netflix while traveling overseas, and perform keyword research while posing as someone else.

Here are the best VPN affiliate programs.