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WIX® Filters has been a leader in the development of filtering products since 1939. Products for the automotive, diesel, agricultural, industrial, and specialized filter sectors are designed, produced, and distributed by WIX. Oil, air, cabin interior, gasoline, coolant, transmission, and hydraulic filters for cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, and industrial applications are among its product offerings.

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One of the first businesses to realize that engines just can’t function for very long without clean oil was WIX Filtration Corp. in 1939. In the course of our illustrious history, WIX has been at the forefront of product innovation at every turn. Perhaps most notably, we designed and received a patent for the spin-on oil filter in 1954, which went on to become the industry standard.

With strong manufacturing origins in Gastonia, North Carolina, WIX produces filters for a wide range of vehicles, including family sedans and massive earthmovers.

Industrial filtration devices from WIX keep plant machinery operating, from light-duty oil filters that contain 45 percent more dirt than the competition to breakthrough oil filters for giant rigs that have more than double oil life.

You’ll come across phrases like “glass-enhanced cellulose media,” “full metal base plates,” “coiled steel springs,” “spiral center tubes,” “pleats-per-inch,” and “silicone anti-drain back valves” when reading about our products. These features set WIX apart from the competition.

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Wix Filter’s Dedication To Quality

Quality is everything in the aftermarket, by all means. Fit, shape, and function must meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer requirements. Anything less is unacceptable for replacement parts that impact operator and passenger safety in addition to vehicle performance and lifetime.

Meeting or surpassing OEM criteria for fit, shape, and function is no longer sufficient in the modern global economy. Additionally, we must travel the world in quest of the most affordable prices while never sacrificing quality.

All of our products have quality built in, starting with research and development and continuing with manufacturing best practices, quality assurance testing, and evaluations of on-the-road performance. Daily manufacturing audits and testing by our engineers serve to continually verify the quality of our products.

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