Smart Mirrors: Everything You Need to Know (List)

You’ve probably seen Sci-Fi movies where the main character tells their bathroom mirror to broadcast the news and book their appointments while they brush their teeth and wash. And you’ve undoubtedly pondered what it’s like to be in that situation! You won’t have to wonder much longer because smart mirrors are already on the market.

Behind a two-way mirror, a smart mirror has a monitor and a small computer. It may display the time, weather, calendar events, and current happenings, as well as daily news. Advanced smart mirrors are touch-enabled and include a camera, a microphone, speakers, and many sensors. Basic smart mirrors merely show information.

We’ll explain how a smart mirror works, how to install one in your living room or bathroom, and how much it costs in this post. This mirror not only tells you how beautiful you are, but it also displays information such as the time, weather outdoors, date, future calendar appointments, and news updates, among other things.

It is ideal for anyone who wants to multitask and keep informed while performing their regular grooming activities.

Continue reading to learn more about this magical mirror.

How Does a Smart Mirror Work? 

A digital display, a tiny computer with WiFi access, and a two-way mirror are the three primary components of smart mirrors. They may, however, contain a fourth component: an aesthetic framing.

The two-way mirror allows light from behind to pass through while reflecting light from the other side. These mirrors are available in a variety of materials and transparency levels. Although acrylic mirrors are frequently less expensive, glass mirrors are more robust and provide higher overall picture quality.

The computer is often a tiny device with minimal computing power that can connect to your home WiFi and get real-time data.

Existing smart mirrors

1. HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror

The goal of staring in the mirror is to guarantee that you seem as lovely as possible, and the HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror will never let you down.

In reality, this gadget is more than a mirror; it provides a comprehensive study of your skin’s state, including fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and circles, complexion, spores, and red spots.

2.  JUNO Smart Makeup Mirror

This is an exceptional mirror with three natural light shades: daylight, sunshine, and twilight. Whether you’re doing makeup first thing in the morning, late in the afternoon, or late at night, JUNO Smart Makeup Mirror will make sure you do it right by adjusting the lighting to match the time of day.

3. Frednology Allure Smart Makeup Mirror

The Frednology Allure Smart Makeup Mirror has customized illumination that helps you appear your best by providing color clarity and accuracy. It also has a Sephora app that allows you to test lipstick shades before applying them to your lips, ensuring that you apply the correct shade.

After applying makeup, shoot a flawless selfie with the built-in front camera to see how you appear before leaving the house.

4. Mango Mirror Smart Mirror

Mango Mirror Smart Mirror displays crucial data and statistics such as your health, sleep pattern, exercise, news, daily quotations, reminders, and nutrition.

This mirror is unique in that it provides health-related statistics such as your weight, steps, activity, sleep, hydration, and calories, assisting you in making the best health decisions for a healthy lifestyle.

5. MirroCool Personal Assistant Smart Mirror

When you stand in front of this smart mirror, it uses FGR (facial gesture recognition) technology and an embedded high-definition camera to automatically recognise you.

Your motions may operate the mirror, so a simple wink can activate the camera for that all-important selfie before leaving the house.

6. Upcoming Smart mirror projects

The advanced technology is without a shadow of a doubt at its best and with experts working hard day and night to make the world a better place, there are still better things to come.

When talking about better things, experts want to make your bedroom mirror more than just a reflection of your beauty and here are few upcoming smart mirror projects to expect.

1. The Voice-Controlled Smart Mirror

Did you know you can communicate with a mirror? The Voice-Controlled Smart Mirror, on the other hand, is a device that you can talk to like an Android phone.

It works well with third-party apps, and whatever you say in the mirror appears on the screen. The most intriguing feature of this mirror is that it can control your room’s smart LED lights. What a fantastic idea!

2. Voice and Gesture-Controlled Smart Mirror

Did you know you can communicate with a mirror? The Voice-Controlled Smart Mirror, on the other hand, is a device that you can talk to like an Android phone.

It works well with third-party apps, and whatever you say in the mirror appears on the screen. The most intriguing feature of this mirror is that it can control your room’s smart LED lights. What a fantastic idea!

3. The Touchscreen Smart Mirror

Are you looking for something to do in the morning before going to work or in the evening before going to bed? If that’s the case, take a look at the Touchscreen Smart Mirror. It’s an interactive mirror with a fantastic home screen that can be set to stay on or turn off automatically when not in use.

You can use this mirror to browse Reddit, watch YouTube videos, call an uber, and use a Nest Smart Thermostat to control the temperature of your apartment.

If you’re watching a video while preparing and it’s blocking your view, simply drag it to the side with your fingers and go about your business as usual.

What Can a Smart Mirror Do?

Smart mirrors are ingenious devices that can do everything from checking the weather to reading the news to showing stock prices and even assisting you with your makeup application.

Smart mirrors use WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to the internet and your smartphone. As a result, you can check your social media feeds, sync your calendar events, receive reminders, and look up prices. You’ll get a lot more functionality out of your mirror if it’s touch-enabled. You can, for example, use Google to search, research recipes, shop, and check your email.

When your smart mirror has a camera, a microphone, and speakers, things get even more exciting:

Smart Mirror Entertainment 

Without holding a smartphone, you can take selfies on your smart mirror and share them instantly on social media.

You can also use your mirror to hold Skype meetings or use it as a media center. Some smart mirrors allow you to play music for a party or stream Netflix videos for a family movie night.

Connect Your Smart Home with your Smart Mirror

Your smart mirror may be able to communicate with other smart home devices such as your locks, lights, and thermostat. So, right from your mirror, you’ll have complete control over every detail in your home. If you have an Alexa or Google Nest, you can get the full futuristic experience.

Smart Mirror Home Surveillance 

Surprisingly, if your smart mirror includes a camera and speakers, it can also serve as a home surveillance system. You can see what’s going on at home and communicate with your children or elderly parents while you’re away in this manner.

A motion sensor is built into some mirrors, which detects, records, and transmits movements automatically. As a result, if you go on vacation, you can rest assured that no one will break into your home.

What Is a Smart Mirror TV?

A clever mirror The television is essentially a digital display with a decorative frame and a one-of-a-kind mirror. When the TV is turned on, the mirror allows the image to pass through without being distorted. When the TV is turned off, however, it vanishes completely, leaving only the mirror behind.

To achieve this effect, you’ll need a high-quality dielectric mirror that reflects light from external sources while allowing direct light to pass through. Dielectric mirrors are more transparent than regular two-way mirrors (around 70%). As a result, all of the colors and details are visible.

Because you can match the frame to your interior design, mirror TVs are excellent decorative options. It is not necessary to have a large black TV on the wall.

What Is a Smart Bathroom Mirror? 

A smart bathroom mirror is similar to a smart mirror TV, but it’s usually smaller and the digital display doesn’t span the entire mirror.

For your smart bathroom mirror, you should avoid using a dielectric mirror. Because dielectric material is highly transparent, you’ll have a hard time using the device as a true mirror. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see the small display behind the mirror, which isn’t particularly attractive.

With a smart bathroom mirror, moisture is also an issue. Ensure that the digital hardware is well-protected and that it does not come into contact with water. Acrylic two-way mirrors should never be purchased because the material is not water-resistant and is easily scratched. That is why two-way glass mirrors are ideal for use in a bathroom.

How Much Does a Smart Mirror Cost? 

Smart mirrors come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each with its own purpose, which explains why their prices vary so much.

Portable smart mirrors from HiMirror start at around $250. They come with a skin analyzer app and are great for applying makeup. They also include an 11-inch (27.94-cm) mirror, an 8-inch (20.32-cm) display, and all of the hardware found in a standard tablet.

If you’re looking for a smart mirror for your bathroom, the Keonjinn 36-inch (91.4-cm) mirror, which comes with adjustable LEDs and lets you check the weather and time, will set you back around $270. Temperature and humidity sensors are also included.

The cost of specialized mirrors is higher. The fitness mirror from, for example, costs around $1500.

Can You Build a Smart Mirror?

You can make a smart mirror with a Raspberry Pi, an old computer monitor or TV, and a two-way mirror if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on one or enjoy DIY projects. You’ll also need to make a frame out of wood or metal to fit the dimensions of your display.

If you want to stream content from YouTube or Netflix, including a Chromecast in the frame is a good idea. A Chromecast is a smart dongle that plugs into an HDMI port and allows you to control your TV from your phone. It’s a component of Google’s Home ecosystem. You can get a more integrated experience if you have a smart home network.

However, building a smart mirror is time-intensive and does require a bit of technical expertise. Plus, depending on what you’re planning to do, the project could cost you anywhere from $400 to $800 or more. 

Here’s an overview of what you need to do: 

  1. Build the frame. 
  2. Attach the mirror to the frame. 
  3. Secure the display on the frame. 
  4. Download and install the Raspberry Pi OS. 
  5. Install MagicMirror on the Raspberry Pi. 
  6. Install your preferred modules from the repository
  7. Apply your desired configuration. 


It goes without saying that people spend quality time in front of a mirror in the morning and evening. For many years, our beloved mirrors have seen no improvement other than a change in style, until now.

The pressure to make everything smart is increasing as a result of current technology, and fortunately, mirrors are improving dramatically.

This means that, in addition to telling you how cute you are, smart mirrors will tell you the date, time, news updates, upcoming calendar appointments, and the weather outside, among other things.

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