How to Use TikTok Advertising to Promote Your Business

TikTok has over a billion users, making it the social media platform with the highest growth rate at the moment. And if you run a business, this implies that, if you know how to sell your goods and services online, you may possibly hit a gold mine of leads and future clients.

Your company may benefit from the many TikTok advertising alternatives in addition to producing eye-catching films and utilizing current music:

TikTok Advertising to Promote Your Business

1. In-Feed Videos

In-feed videos have been employed in some of the most effective TikTok advertisement instances. These are the videos that show up on the For You Page, a part where tailored videos are shown depending on your platform activity (or the other videos you’ve seen).

Because they are built into the platform, in-feed videos are effective. As a result, they don’t appear or feel like advertisements, which some users may find obtrusive. Instead, these movies are seamlessly and unobtrusively included into the user experience.

Additionally, in-feed videos may be skipped, giving viewers the choice of watching or not. Users will feel more in charge as a result, which may increase their openness to your message.

2. Brand Takeovers

Another TikTok advertising strategy that may be used to draw in your audience is a brand takeover. When users start the app, a full-screen advertisement appears.

It’s difficult to ignore an advertisement of this kind, thus it works. A successful brand takeover may halt users in their tracks and pique their curiosity about your goods or services. Additionally, since this advertisement shows as soon as users launch the app, it may assist build brand recognition and recall.

3. Influencer Marketing

These days, TikTok is home to some of the greatest content producers and influencers, with followers ranging from thousands to millions. Additionally, these users may be strong partners in marketing your company because they have a sizable and active following.

Sponsoring their films is one method to collaborate with them. In other words, you will pay them to include your goods or services in their videos. Working together to produce videos is an additional tactic. This may make your business more relevant and help your marketing effort have a human factor.

Find TikTok influencers that are compatible with your brand while dealing with them. In this manner, their support will seem sincere and real. Additionally, be sure to clearly define expectations and deliverables. How to Use TikTok Advertising to Promote Your Business.

4. Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag competitions are a fantastic method to connect customers with your business while also expanding your reach and engagement. In essence, you set up a challenge centered around a certain hashtag and invite users to take part by submitting their films with that hashtag.

This not only raises brand recognition but also increases user engagement with your content. Additionally, when more videos are tagged with your challenge, others may be inspired to take part.

Make careful to think of something inventive and unique while developing a hashtag challenge. This will increase user interest and help you stand out from the sea of competing challenges. Choose a hashtag that is simple to remember and spell so that users can discover it.

5. User-Generated Content

Making advantage of user-generated material on TikTok is yet another fantastic technique to advertise your company (UGC). You do this by sharing user-generated videos that promote your goods or services.

This tactic aids in building a feeling of community and brand awareness around your company. Users are more inclined to continue using and promote your goods when they see that their material is being featured by your company.

Encourage your followers and customers to mention your company in their videos to start using UGC. In order to engage more people, you may also hold hashtag challenges (as we suggested previously). Lastly, you can use TikTok to search for videos that mention your company or its goods, then get in touch with the creators to ask for their permission to share those videos.

6. Take Advantage of TikTok Ads Manager

Businesses may use the TikTok Ads Manager tool to plan and control their advertising campaigns. Campaign design, ad optimization, and thorough reporting are some of its advantages.

If you’re managing a significant TikTok marketing campaign, this tool can be extremely beneficial. If you don’t already have marketing materials, it also offers videos.

Create an account with TikTok Ads Manager to get started, and then adhere to the setup guidelines for your first campaign, which include specifying your marketing goal, spending limit, and target market. Following that, you can begin designing advertising and monitoring your performance using the tools and capabilities offered.

Steps for Setting Up TikTok advertisements (Ads)

1. Create a TikTok Ads Account

To start a TikTok advertising campaign, you must first register a TikTok advertisements account. Naturally, you only need to complete this procedure once. You decide whether to set up adverts for a company or an individual account after selecting your location.

After then, you provide details in response to a series of questions. You get a notification stating that TikTok will contact you after answering a page of questions because this procedure is not yet entirely automated. If you satisfy TikTok’s requirements, one of their account representatives will create an account for you.

2. Create Your TikTok Ads Campaign

You may start setting up your TikTok ads campaign after you have a TikTok ads account. This will always be the first section of each new campaign you build up after your initial one.

Similar systems are employed by Facebook and the majority of other social media advertising firms as well as TikTok. At the highest level, you have an advertising campaign with a clear objective and a set budget. You can have different ad groups inside the campaign. These are a group of advertisements that you target to a certain audience while utilizing a predetermined amount of your overall budget. You have individual advertisements that are allocated to each ad group in your campaign at the most basic level.

On the TikTok advertising dashboard, click the Campaign button, followed by Create, to launch your campaign.

TikTok requests that you specify an advertising campaign goal. You have the option of selecting App Installs, Traffic, or Conversions. Some of the questions you will be asked later in the process will change depending on your decision here.

Giving your campaign a name and establishing a campaign budget are two more high-level options you may make here. A daily budget cap can also be established.

3. Set Your Ad Placements and Add Details 

You create the ad groups for your campaign in the next stage. You may begin with only one ad group and add more later.

Next, you can either select Automatic Placement or Select Placement. Although TikTok is the focus of this article, ByteDance really has several applications in addition to TikTok. Aside from Vigo Video (available exclusively in India), BuzzVideo (Japan), TopBuzz (USA), News Republic, and others, you may choose to place your adverts there as well.

Then TikTok asks you for information so that it can create your ad group. These contain any pertinent display names, categories, pictures, and URLs. These queries depend on the advertising goal you’ve chosen. For instance, you would submit information if you had previously declared that you wished to promote App installations.

4. Target the Audience for Your Ad Campaign

For a TikTok marketing strategy to be effective, this following stage is crucial. To help TikTok tailor your adverts to the right audience, they ask you a number of questions. The less « wasted » advertising you have and the more likely it is that your commercials will be interesting to the users TikTok offers them to, the better you can target your audience.

You may narrow down your audience by utilizing criteria like gender, geography, age, relationships, and even OS versions. The latter would probably prevent you from recommending a program to someone who doesn’t have the necessary hardware (and operating system) for it to work.

Additionally, you may build bespoke audiences based on your customers’ contact information, internet visits, app activity, or ad interaction. Installing the TikTok Pixel on your website is a prerequisite if you want to direct traffic to it in order to track visitors.

5. Set Your Ad Budget and Schedule

TikTok now requests that you set your budget by ad groups and establish a timetable, even though you had the option to do so in the part before this one. You can choose to establish a daily budget or a total budget (the most you’re willing to spend on that ad group) (the most you are prepared to spend per day).

Your ad schedule is specified here. You can choose to have your advertisement broadcast continually on a certain day and hour. As an alternative, you may utilize dayparting to designate specific hours of the day to deliver your advertising to your chosen target.

Additionally, you may choose a pace option to let TikTok know how quickly it will utilize your money. You have two options: Accelerate, which uses your money more rapidly, or Standard Delivery, which distributes it equally throughout the course of your campaign.

6. Set Your Optimization Goal

Without initially establishing certain optimization objectives, there is little use in launching a TikTok marketing campaign. This is a quantification of what you anticipate the campaign will accomplish. You must decide which important KPIs you want your campaign to affect.

You must decide whether to optimize your advertisements for clicks, impressions, or conversions on TikTok. It is critical that you understand your optimization target since it influences your bids. TikTok seeks to show your adverts to the target audience members who it thinks are most likely to take the required action (convert in some desired way, click, or watch your ad).

This has an impact on the cost of your adverts on TikTok as well:

  • Conversion – ads are priced by oCPC (optimization cost per click)
  • Click – ads are priced by CPC (cost per click)
  • Impression – ads are priced by CPM (cost per mille)

7. Design Your Ad and Upload Relevant Assets

It goes without saying that you need creative assets to set TikTok commercials. The Video Creation Kit, a helpful tool offered by TikTok, aids in this process. We recently went into detail about TikTok’s video, specifications, and recommended practices.

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