Best Video Face Editor: How to Edit Multiple Faces In Videos

You and your pals recorded a video, but you still need to edit it. What should you do? Many simple editing programs just let you alter the entire video rather than each face separately.

The finest video face editing software with distinct face identification characteristics will be described in this post so you can simply edit and retouch faces in group recordings.

5 Best Video Face Editor Apps to Edit Multiple Faces In Videos

What’s the best place to search if you want to find an app that can recognize and edit several faces in a video?

 1. YouCam Video

For applying cosmetics and editing selfie videos, YouCam Video is the finest video face editor app.

YouCam Video can edit several faces on your photographs thanks to its multiple face detection feature. This is quite helpful for improving the appearance of someone’s complexion, teeth, or other unneeded flaws in a group film.

Additionally, you may utilize this feature to flip between the faces you wish to alter, including adding 3D accessories, applying cosmetic filters, and changing the color of your hair.

YouCam Video is the essential video face editor for routine video face retouching and editing thanks to its distinctive face identification and variety of video face filters.

2. Meitu

Meitu first gained notoriety as a necessary photo and video editor many years ago, amassing more than 1 billion users globally.

Users may edit numerous faces in a group video using its video retouching tools, which also let them add beauty filters and other effects.

3.  Pretty Up

The term Pretty Up gives you a good idea of what it does, which is modify faces and bodies in movies and images. Use the retouching, attractiveness, and several facial filters it offers.

4. TikTok (Live Cam Only)

Everyone is familiar with TikTok, the app that is responsible for videos becoming viral. You may customize your product with the filters, templates, and effects even though it only allows live cam editing.

5. SNOW (Live Cam Only)

You may use its bespoke beauty effects, AR makeup capabilities, and seasonal filters, but only live cam editing is permitted. Considering that SNOW is used by more than 200 million people worldwide, you may have confidence in its reliability.

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