Best SEO Tools of 2022 (Honest Reviews and Free Options)

Although SEO is one of the most vital digital marketing abilities, it is also one of the most difficult to learn.

You’ll need website traffic whether you’re starting a blog, an ecommerce store, or a SaaS business. You must also rank on Google for certain keywords in order to receive organic traffic.

Whether you need to do keyword research, audit your website, conduct competition research, or simply want to check how well you rank on Google, you need to make sure you’re doing everything correctly.

I listed and reviewed the greatest SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz, in this post so that you may improve your SEO game this year.

What Are the Best SEO Tools?

1. GrowthBar.

GrowthBar is one of the most user-friendly SEO tools available. Users may access millions of search results, backlinks from competitors, Google Ads statistics, and blog material with only one click.

GrowthBar is a tool created with Open AI, the most advanced language model yet created. That implies the outcomes and suggestions are of the highest quality. It’s slick, smooth, and completely intuitive.

It’s becoming a popular choice among entrepreneurs, small firms, and freelancers due to its user-friendly design and extensive data sets. However, larger firms such as Minted, MagicJack, Square, Spekit, and Teepublic are among GrowthBar’s clients.

GrowthBar also offers a free Chrome Extension that provides SEO insights while you’re browsing the web.


  • Organic Research: View millions of keyword recommendations, each with a competitiveness score.
  • Competitiveness Data: View your rivals’ top organic keywords and backlinks, as well as export any of the metrics to an Excel-friendly CSV file.
  • Generate blog article outlines with suitable keywords, headlines, word count, links, tone, and more with a single click of a button.


– making GrowthBar much less expensive than most other high-quality tools.


  • Bloggers need to create content.
  • Understand your competitors’ top organic keywords, Google Ads keywords, backlinks, and Facebook Ads through competitive research.
  • To help you develop your content strategy, get word counts, difficulty scores, keyword ideas, backlinks, and more.


  • There are no technical SEO stats.
  • There isn’t any previous tracking data.
  • There is no SEO audit feature.

Start with a 5-day free trial of GrowthBar for the greatest new SEO tool.

2. SEMrush.


SEMrush is a popular competitor analysis tool that allows users to assess their own content as well as that of their competitors. It offers detailed analytics and helps customers to find the best-performing pages, content, and keywords.

Many website owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs have benefited from SEMrush’s assistance in deciphering their competitors’ SEO techniques. As a result, it is one of the most widely used SEO tools among small and medium-sized businesses.

The SEO tool may assist with SEO, PPC, ad campaigns, backlinks, keyword research, SERPs, and more.


  • Organic Research: This tool allows customers to check what keywords their rivals are using and compare domain changes.
  • Advertising Research: Analyzing the ad spending of rivals might help you execute stronger ad campaigns. Your ad campaigns can also be localized.
  • Product Listing Ads and Product Feeds – SEMrush customers may see their rivals’ Product Listing Ads and product feeds.
  • SEMrush provides precise information on a website’s online performance and traffic. It also aids in the understanding of potential clients’ behavior and media consumption.



  • Creating guest blogging strategies
  • Analyzing the strategies of the competitors
  • Tracking past and current website rankings
  • Performing technical SEO audits and gauging user experience
  • Finding good advertising opportunities for CPC
  • Doing robust keyword research to make your content rank higher is key.


  • Newbies might find it a bit complicated.
  • You have to pay a hefty price tag for more advanced features.
  • Instances of inaccurate data regarding advertisements and backlinks

3. Ahrefs.

One of my favorite SEO tools on the market is Ahrefs. It is not only the second-fastest web crawler (second only to Google), but it also boasts the nicest user interface of all the tools on our list.

Backlink audits, competitive analysis, URL rankings, keyword research, and more are all common uses. Ahrefs, like SEMrush, provides organic search reports to assess your rivals’ traffic.

The retrieved data is subsequently used for link building, keyword research, SEO methods, rank tracking, and content marketing by users.

Every day, I check Ahrefs for fresh backlinks, search positions for my keywords, and competition information.

I really like their keyword explorer tool, which shows keyword difficulty as well as similar keywords that “also rank” for the chosen phrase.


  • Amazing Keyword Tools – On a single research query, Ahrefs generates millions of keywords.
  • Ranking History – Any term used on any page of your website may have its ranking history seen.
  • Content Explorer – The Ahrefs database, which comprises over 1 billion web pages, allows you to do a content search.
  • Outgoing Links Report – Ahrefs displays an outgoing links report in the site explorer. This allows you to keep track of the links in your guest articles.


You can try out the product for $7 by signing up for a 7-day trial. Then you may subscribe to one of the subscription plans, which start at $99 and go up to $999.


  • Getting website improvement tips for increased visibility and ranking
  • To get a clear backlinks analysis report
  • To know the URL rating
  • To get historical backlink data analysis
  • To build a content strategy


  • Lack of automated client-facing reports if you’re running an agency

4. Advanced Web Ranking.

Advanced Web Ranking is a fantastic SEO tool for teams who need to keep track of a lot of keywords. It’s perfect for agencies and in-house teams because of its ability to track keywords at a hyper-granular level (including SERP characteristics) and white-label reports.

This application can also track 3,000 search engines across more than 170 countries, including Baidu, Yandex, Amazon, YouTube, and others. Advanced Web Ranking also does a thorough competition study that includes market share, expected visits, and the identification of new competitors.


  • It’s a long-standing tool and has existed since 2002.
  • Provides hyper-specific local SEO results on both desktop and mobile (country, city-level, or GPS coordinates).
  • 3.000 search engines and more than 170 countries (also offers support for SEs such as Baidu, Yandex or Amazon & Youtube)
  • You can white-label reporting, export them via PDF, or CSV, create permalinks, integrate with Data Studio, etc.
  • It can accommodate large volumes of keywords (which is great for agencies and large in-house teams).
  • The tool supports unlimited users with different rights (admin, team member) at no additional cost.


Advanced Web Ranking offers four premium programs, each with a 30-day trial period. Plans get more expensive as you add additional “units,” which give you access to a larger number of keywords to track.

  • Starter: $49 per month.
  • Pro: $99 per month.
  • Agency: $199 per month.
  • Enterprise: $499 per month.


  • Performing keyword research.
  • Tracking large volumes of keywords.
  • Finding specific keyword rankings at the local level.
  • Competitor insights and understanding SERP features.


  • Updates might take a long time if you’re tracking a huge volume of keywords since the rankings are collected in real-time.
  • There is no link building module.

5. Sitechecker. is a fantastic website checker that does a thorough SEO study so that you can boost your rankings. Simply enter the URL of your website and click “analyze.” You may learn about your website’s traffic, backlinks, rankings, and more once Sitechecker examines it.


  • Website Change Monitoring: – Their continual website scans analyze your site and report on modifications made and how they affect your SEO ratings.
  • On-Page SEO Audits: Sitechecker examines your webpages and identifies issues that need to be addressed.
  • Website Traffic Check – You have unrestricted access to competition site traffic.
  • Backlink Tracking on a Daily Basis – Be alerted anytime any new links lead to your site (or any that vanish) so you may take action.
  • Examine the rankings – Examine your keyword positions (including local and mobile rankings).


Sitechecker has three different price options, the first of which starts at $29 per month. Their $29/month Startup Plan allows you to check 5 websites, 5,000 URLs, 500 keywords, and 5,000 backlinks using their website checker. The amount of websites, URLs, keywords, and backlinks you wish to track determines the pricing plan you choose.


  • People that need a website checker for site audits.
  • Competitor tracking.
  • Keyword position tracking and monitoring.
  • New and lost backlink tracking.

6. Authority Labs.

Authority Labs is another another really valuable SEO tool with a very user-friendly UI. You can quickly set up several sites and improve your SEO strategies using Authority Labs. It also aids in the acquisition of location-specific rank tracking, which allows you to laser focus your audience.

Users may also keep track of their rivals’ SEO initiatives and tactics in the industry.


  • Global Tracking – You can easily do both local and global tracking for different countries and cities.
  • Keyword Targeting – Effective keyword targeting with keyword research tools.
  • Free Trial – Authority Labs also offers 30 days free trial.
  • Daily Reporting – Receive in-depth reports with daily rank checking that help you analyze where you are standing.



  • Tracking competitor domains
  • Tracking product ranking on various sites
  • Comparing mobile ranking to desktop results
  • Offers in-depth analytical reports automated reports into the reporting process


  • Sorts keywords in alphabetic order, and there is no option to change this filter setting

7. Serpstat.

Serpstat is a one-stop shop when it comes to SEO and digital marketing solutions. It can help you with everything from boosting your SEO to managing your ad and content marketing strategies.

Keyword research, competition research, PPC analysis, and other tasks are all handled by the Serpstat program. To eliminate complication, the dashboard is smooth and simple to operate. It also aids website owners in keeping thorough track of their competitors’ backlinks.


  • Serpstat performs a website analysis by tracking the domain and URL of the website. In-depth SEO and PPC studies are included in the study.
  • Cluster research, search suggestions, search volume, content marketing, and SERP analysis are all examples of keyword research.
  • Backlink Analysis: Gathers complete backlink data for the previous two years while also keeping track of your rivals’ backlink methods.
  • Site Audit – Cleans up your website, HTML, and page performance, and ensures that no potential errors are missed.


Serpstat offers four different pricing plans that include monthly and yearly subscriptions. The Lite plan costs $69 per month, the Standard plan is $149, the Advanced plan is $299, and the Enterprise is $499. You also get a 30-day free trial.


  • Searching keyword variations and collecting international data
  • Checking the relevance of different webpages
  • Tracking universal search results
  • Finding ad strategies and budget of your competitors


  • Site auditing is quite slow for heavy websites
  • Shows inaccurate keywords sometimes

8. Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that allows you to look for keywords that are less competitive. Whatever your niche, these keywords can help you get high-converting web visitors.

It provides good keyword recommendations in bulk, as well as a competitiveness score for each phrase. This SEO tool is ideal for beginners and small businesses.


  • Create many projects to keep all of your campaigns for various sites in order.
  • Load and Export: Export the best keywords to Excel and import them into the Long-Tail Pro dashboard quickly.


Long Tail Pro has three different price levels to choose from, as well as a 10-day money-back guarantee. The Agency plan is $98 per month, the Pro plan is $45 per month, and the Starter plan is $25 per month.


  • Finding competitive keywords
  • Generating long-tail keywords


  • Limited manual keywords
  • Limited seed keywords
  • Does not help in analyzing backlinks

9. SEObility.

SEObility is a sophisticated all-in-one SEO software that allows you to track your website’s performance, which is useful for SEO improvement. SEObility’s daily updates and link-building tools make it simple for business owners to increase their search engine rankings.

Furthermore, it swiftly scans all of a website’s associated pages and detects problems such as duplicate content and broken connections.


  • Rank Tracking: This feature allows you to keep track of daily keyword rankings based on various demographics and search engines.
  • On-page crawling and keyword monitoring: Does on-page crawling and keyword monitoring provide users with appropriate improvement suggestions?
  • Users may also assess and track local search results in order to improve their ranking for a specific target group.
  • Comparison of Rivals: explores and compares the content of your competitors’ websites quickly so you can improve your method.
  • PDF Export and E-Mail Reporting: — Create frequent reports to highlight changes in website rankings.


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