Best Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples to Generate More Leads

Are you searching for lead magnet ideas but finding it difficult to come up with any that your target audience would be interested in?

The key to raising your conversion rates is using lead magnets. You still need to have an offer before using a service like Semrush to get it in front of the correct individuals.

Your lead magnet, whether it’s a coupon code or an eBook, may make or break how many new leads you bring in. Additionally, it will affect the caliber of those leads.

As a result, we’re going to share some lead magnet inspiration with you today.

Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples

1. Ebooks

Ebooks and other manuals address a particular issue. They can also be anywhere from a few pages to over 100 pages in length, much like whitepapers.

Ebooks, on the other hand, are typically not as data-heavy as whitepapers; instead, they are easy to read and frequently conversational guides that aid readers in understanding a topic completely.

Ebooks may be instructive, interesting, or even very visually appealing.

The ebook collection at Search Engine Journal is a potent illustration of the effectiveness of this lead magnet style.

2. Checklist

Let’s start with the checklist, which is by far our favorite lead magnet.

Out of all the lead magnets, checklists convert the best, presumably because they are so simple to use. They distill all the information the user requires into a manageable list.

They may be produced quite quickly as well. For instance, you might create a checklist outlining your most popular blog entries as a content update. Then you’ll see a significant increase in your conversions if you pair that content update with a 2-step opt-in form.

Here are two illustrations of checklists we’ve made for people just like you.

3. Webinar

With webinars, you may provide your audience the chance to explore interesting video material and, frequently, engage in a Q&A session.

And if you continue to provide them after the original live event, webinars may continue to generate leads for years.

Maintain a tight focus on a single issue or area of discomfort in each webinar. DocuSign excels at doing this.

4. Cheat Sheet / Handout

Handouts and cheat sheets are helpful.

When compared to reports or guidelines, they have a different “feel.”

They often usually only one page or less long and go right to the point. These might be presented in the form of “blueprints,” mind maps, or checklists.

Here is an illustration of how to utilize a cheat sheet as a lead magnet.

5. Templates

Making use of editable templates is a terrific method to avoid starting from scratch. Why not draw on other people’s experiences and shorten your own administrative and learning curve in the process?

How many times have you started from scratch and generated a spreadsheet, PowerPoint deck, checklist, or another piece of content before realizing there must be a simpler way?

An outstanding example of a template being used as a lead magnet at work is Todoist.

Numerous templates are available in the well-known list-making software to aid with a variety of activities, including shopping lists, meeting agendas, book authoring, staff onboarding, social media planning, and more.

6. Swipe File

Since all you have to do to use swipe files is copy them in their entirety, they are perhaps even more alluring than templates.

7. Product Samples or Trials

With the opportunity to have two product samples supplied to your house, Sephora applies the customary in-store experience of product sampling online.
You must either sign in or submit your address and email as part of the guest checkout procedure in order for us to complete your order for free samples.

Because you’ll be more open to subsequent offers and inclined to make an immediate buy if you enjoy the goods, this lead generator is even more effective.

8. Video Training

If it makes sense and you have the necessary talents, using video to convey your lead magnet may be highly successful. To encourage consumers to test out their tool, Marketo is employing a video tool demo as a Lead Magnet in this instance.

Perhaps your potential customers are aware of your brand but are still unsure of you. If so, providing them access to training videos may be the secret to turning them into devoted customers.

Tableau, a company that makes software for data visualization, has a collection of training videos available; all you need to do is sign up.

9. Script

Scripts are excellent lead magnets if your buyer persona needs assistance speaking or writing.

You may, for instance, provide them with a script for selling themselves to a prospective employer if they need assistance preparing for a job interview.

10. Case Studies

Case studies may offer convincing evidence of your company’s capabilities during the sales and negotiating processes.

However, there are a few ways you can use leverage them to generate leads.

One method is to “gate” the case study by making it a PDF that can only be downloaded after registering.

The alternative—and maybe more interesting—method of using a case study for lead generation is to present it as blog or news material and sprinkle calls to action all through.

11. Toolkit

You can generate leads and develop authority in your field by building a toolkit. It is a selection of e-books, checklists, and templates that might be helpful for a certain task (writing a blog post, creating beautiful visuals for social media, and so on). Toolkits are great lead magnets since they provide all the practical resources required for a given topic.

12. Quizzes, Surveys & Polls

Quizzes, Surveys & Polls let you get to know your prospect better, and following up with relevant information for them is advantageous.

Additionally, lead generation quizzes can cut your cost per lead by up to 90%, according to SurveyAnyplace.

You can simply follow up with leads using tools like theirs that help you easily deliver tailored reports, change the completion message based on the user’s input, and directly interface with some CRMs.

13. Whitepapers

A whitepaper is a comprehensive thought leadership piece that offers your audience exclusive information, viewpoints, or advice. It helps your reader to comprehend a challenging problem and the exact steps required to solve it.

Because customers usually have a longer sales cycle and need much more information before making a purchase decision, they are very advantageous in marketing.

14. Coupons or Discount Codes

A potential buyer can get a great deal using a coupon and a discount. The use of coupons and discounts as lead magnets by B2C businesses, especially e-commerce corporations, is highly common.

When a potential customer first enters a business, pop-up windows are frequently used to give coupons and discounts. The majority of internet shoppers are looking for good bargains, so enticing them with a coupon or discount is a great way to capture their interest.

15. Infographics

According to a Venngage poll, 42% of marketing respondents think that creative visuals, especially infographics, are the most alluring to their readers. Infographics may really improve site traffic by 12% or more. By all means, offer infographics without charge. You may still keep a couple on hand to use as lead magnets, though.

A gorgeous, lengthy infographic about content marketing was created by MarketingProfs. You might create a comparable piece of content for your audience and then tease them with a screenshot of a section of the picture.

16. Free Consultation

Free consultations are first meetings with company representatives when they get to know the customer, learn about their issue, and assess whether they can help. Free consultations are routinely offered as lead magnets when you visit a legal firm’s website. Consequently, it’s a great approach to growing your email list.

17. Live Chat

It is their most successful route for generating leads, with customer service personnel sending more than 11,000 messages each month. Due to their emphasis on the user experience, they convert about 30% of these site visitors.

They are using fully integrated Slack customer care and live chat to engage with customers in an effort to conserve their resources. As a result, they are using Slack to instantly receive and reply to all of their communications.

18. Additional Content

This may be a challenging lead magnet if you want to charge for the extra material. However, if the material’s introduction peaked visitors’ interest, you may need them to complete a sign-up form in order to access the extra information. This is a straightforward appeal to a captive audience in an effort to get their contact details.

In your efforts to attract their attention and make them aware of their particular requirements, it also acts as a point of reference. You may offer readers an exclusive PDF that contains a few additional items of equipment that may have entered the market since, for instance, if your post is headed “The 5 Pieces of Equipment That Every Puppy Needs.”

19. Calculators

Startup CEOs frequently receive letters from Delaware stating that they have unpaid franchise taxes. They use this calculator to 1) determine a more acceptable amount they presumably owe, and 2) enter the accounting firm’s intake process.

As a result, it benefits both the business owner, who receives information that might help them save money on taxes and accounting companies, who benefit from additional lead.

20. Downloaded Calendar

If you’re looking for interesting lead magnet ideas, a downloadable calendar is another inventive way to pique clients’ interest in your business. Make a calendar to help your audience remember important occasions, maintain a schedule, or absorb new information. With this lead magnet idea, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for interesting lead magnet ideas, a downloadable calendar is another inventive way to pique clients’ interest in your business. Make a calendar to help your audience remember important occasions, maintain a schedule, or absorb new information. With this lead magnet idea, the possibilities are endless.


Pick one of these highly effective lead magnet concepts, then make adjustments to make it your own. This will significantly enhance your efforts in internet marketing.

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