Best AI Writing Software & Tools of 2022 (Ranked)

Are you seeking artificial intelligence (AI) content marketing tools? In the content development and SEO process, artificial intelligence and machine learning are crucial. Find out more.

Digital marketing tools enable you to make real-time improvements to landing sites, blog posts, web pages, and publications. Automation can help you improve your marketing efforts by providing you with search engine analytics that can help you reach the proper target audience.

Selecting the best AI writing software is critical for producing high-quality material. The finest AI writing tools can help you with everything from developing attention-getting headlines to composing long-form content. In this article, I evaluate and review the ten best AI writing software programs.


CopyAI can assist you in having all of the creativity you require when it comes to both content creation and copywriting.


Jasper is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool that lets you turn your prose into a totally individualized and one-of-a-kind work of art.


As you travel between applications, social media, papers, texts, and emails, use Grammarly to help you write better.

1. CopyAI

Do you want to put an end to your writer’s block once and for all? CopyAI comes highly recommended. This online tool is intended to assist you in writing innovative and successful content.

It may help you come up with ideas for blog articles, headlines, and digital adverts, among other things. Furthermore, the AI-powered content engine can generate material in more than 25 languages!

Best For Marketing Copy

Price $0/mo-$35/mo

Annual Discount Yes – Save 29%

Promotion Try For Free

CopyAI is a great tool to utilize if you want to have all of the creativity you need when it comes to content creation and copywriting.

This tool is intended to assist you in writing both creative and successful copy.

Start by choosing the sort of copy you want to create, then explain your product. CopyAI will then give you with a number of templates and examples to help you get started.

You may also use the program to practice copywriting suggestions to help you improve your writing abilities.

CopyAI is the perfect tool for you if you’re stuck for ideas or just want to raise your game!

CopyAI allows you to develop words that are ideal for a variety of objectives, whether you’re producing sales copy that sells or just want to communicate your message more effectively.

The following are some of the things that CopyAI has to offer:

  • Create digital ad copy that sells
  • Generate blog posts ideas and have the actual content created
  • Easily come up with headlines for your website
  • Use A.I. to create content in 25+ languages as needed
  • Improve your email open rates with subjects lines that promote your products, services, and brand.


  • With a free plan that’s great for testing, there are then these two paid options:
  • Pro: Great for small businesses, charged at $35 per month (billed yearly)
  • Enterprise: Great for larger teams, with a custom quote being provided on request.

Get started with CopyAI.

2. Jarvis

When it comes to AI writing software, I recommend Jasper if you want to leverage the power of AI to create creative articles, headlines, advertising, and more.

This is the greatest AI authoring tool right now, with several templates accessible, super-fast output, and a support team that replies to your questions rapidly.

Best For Overall AI Writing

Price $29/mo+

Annual Discount No

Promotion Get Started For $29

Jasper (previously Conversion.AI and Jarvis) is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool that lets you turn your prose into a totally customized and original work of art.

With Jasper, you may write a blog post, an essay, or even a poem, and it will automatically produce long-form text that matches your overall writing style.

Simply start typing with the Jasper Command, and Jasper will finish your phrases for you. The procedure is entirely automated, and it performs admirably in terms of punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.


Jasper employs powerful AI to discover essential aspects in your work and match them to ideal samples from the Jasper library of over one million words.

The effects are incredible, and Jasper has the ability to bring your text to life.

Jasper is designed to function with a wide range of writing styles, including creative writing, business papers, essays, and even poetry. Here are a few examples:

  • Lookup: Identify key elements in your text like people’s names or places, pronouns (e.g., he/she, I/me), verbs, adjectives, and nouns.
  • Find/Replace: You can search for specific words in your text by keyword (e.g., cat, dog, red) or synonym (e.g., animal -> pet). This feature is great for creating a list of frequently used phrases like “the quick brown fox.”
  • Punctuation: Add common punctuation symbols, such as commas, periods, and exclamation marks. This feature is perfect for those who tend to forget the small details like how many spaces to use after a period.
  • Fonts/Styles: With over 11,000 free fonts and 2,500 categories for different writing styles, you can find the perfect font to match your mood. You can change text color as well.
  • Quote/Paraphrase: This tool automatically identifies quotes or paraphrased sections of text from their context in your content. I used this feature to highlight.


Starter contains the most essential features, as well as 20,000 words each month and the opportunity to produce 50+ talents such as descriptions, headlines, and biographies.

Boss Mode is $59 a month and gives you unlimited access to all Jasper features. By utilizing Jasper Command to tell the AI to write precisely what you need, you can write 2x quicker and seize control.

Start with a free trial of Jasper and then upgrade to a premium subscription to have access to all of its incredible features.

3. Grammarly.

Grammarly is the solution for you if you want to use artificial intelligence to enhance everything you write online. Grammarly is as flexible as they come, integrating with a variety of different tools.

In fact, I strongly advise you to run everything you write through this program, as it will elevate your writing to the next level.

Best For Polished Writing

Price $0/mo – $12.50/mo

Annual Discount Yes – Save 50%

Promotion Get Started For Free

Grammarly began operations in 2009 and has since established itself as the market’s premier grammar and spell-checking tool.

It stands out since it allows you to check spelling and grammar as well as identify contextual problems, allowing you to improve your writing abilities.

It allows you to run tests in a variety of languages, including Australian, US, and UK English.

The application also checks for plagiarism and makes recommendations on how to enhance the quality of the material you’ve produced.

Grammarly has an easy-to-use browser plugin, which is one of the features that appeals to me.

You can run Grammarly tests while composing emails or working in Google Docs once you’ve added that to your browser.


The following lists some of the features that Grammarly offers:

  • Spelling, grammar, and contextual error checking
  • Multi-language support
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Content quality score
  • Easy integration with most business apps
  • Secure browser add-on
  • Entirely AI-based checking
  • Available on both desktop and mobile


1. Free Plan at $0/month

  • Basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking
  • Limited quality, clarity, and delivery tone detection
  • Single user only

2. Premium Plan starting at $12.00/month

  • Plagiarism detection
  • Advanced writing suggestions
  • Single user only

3. Business Plan starting at $12.50/user/month

  • Dedicated admin panel
  • Centralized billing and priority email support
  • For teams of three or more members

To get started with Grammarly, click the button below.

4. INK Editor

It’s not always simple to communicate with intent. With INK, you can use their strong AI writer to get your point out and then optimize for SEO.

INK Editor is a great option if you’re looking for a comprehensive AI authoring kit.

Best For AI + SEO

Price $8.80/mo-$177/mo

Annual Discount Yes – 20% discount

Promotion Free Trial

INK Editor is a distraction-free editor with AI co-writing and an SEO helper built in.

INK editor assists in the creation of content that can help you rank better in search engines and get more organic traffic.

This is due to its unique AI engine, which evaluates your content in real time and makes recommendations to increase your INK SEO Score.

As a result, content with a high score has a better chance of ranking in search engines.

According to research, material with an INK SEO Score of more than 97 percent is four times more likely to rank on Google.


Meanwhile, the AI Co-Writing tool comes in handy when it comes to creating high-converting marketing content.

The co-writing tool, which is powered by AI, assists users in composing, expanding, rewriting, and simplifying phrases.

Here’s a list of the essential features that this tool offers:

  • Meta optimization 
  • Spelling and grammar suggestions 
  • Minimalist interface 
  • Image optimization — compression and resizing 
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • WordPress integration 
  • Accessibility modes — dyslexia and color-blind 
  • Content readability score 
  • Topic suggestions


INK comes in with three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $8.80 per month
  • Pro SEO: $44 per month
  • Team SEO Unlimited: $177 per month

Get started with Ink today.

5. Quillbot

In recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have swept the world of writing, and in this Quillbot review, we’ll look at a strong online tool for rephrasing text to meet academic writing requirements. QuillBot is an artificial intelligence (AI) paraphrase tool that rewrites information to make it simpler to read, comprehend, and learn.

The Quillbot team promises that its technology is utilized by millions of individuals across the world for a range of purposes ranging from academics to business professionals. Quillbot is most commonly used to generate readable content by rewriting sentences from existing articles. We’ll also look into some of the other tools this program has to offer, such as the ability to produce paraphrases, quotations, and summaries.

Features & Capabilities

Because this evaluation will largely focus on Quillbot’s Premium service, I’ll concentrate on the premium plans’ more sophisticated features and limits.

The capacity to rewrite phrases from current articles to make them simpler to read, grasp, and learn is Quillbot’s major feature.

QuillBot’s summarizer tool may help you distill the most significant information from articles, papers, and documents. Quillbot’s AI uses natural language processing to identify important information while keeping the original context.

Within the summary tool, there are two approaches available:

  • Key Sentences is a compilation of the most essential sentences in bullet list form.
  • In the Paragraph format, it will produce a separate paragraph that summarizes the topic with an adjustable length setting.

For the paid plan, the Summarizer tool is limited to 25,000 characters per run whereas the free plan offers this as well with a significantly smaller 10,000 character limit.


Free Version

Without spending a cent (not need to even enter a credit card), you can sign up for free Quillbot registered account and utilize the service’s basic feature set with strict limitations on input characters and sentences (we will get into these in the next section).

Quillbot Premium Version

By signing up for the premium plan, you’ll gain access to higher limitations and an increased set of features.

The Premium version of Quillbot is available at three different price points depending on how long you sign-up for at once:

  • $14.95 ($179.40/yr) for the monthly subscription
  • $59.99 ($119.98/yr) for the 6-month subscription
  • $79.95/yr for the annual subscription

If you’re not satisfied with your Quillbot Premium membership, they provide a 3-day money-back guarantee, which protects you from serious disappointment once you’ve paid.

Paraphrasing Tool & Limitations

Quillbot’s paraphrase tool, which employs GPT-3 and synonyms to rewrite any inserted text, is perhaps one of the greatest features.

Free version

The free version of the paraphrasing tool gives you a condensed experience only offering:

  • 700 character paraphraser limit
  • Only 2 sentences can be processed at once
  • 3 levels of synonym options
  • 2 writing modes
  • 1 freeze word or phrase
  • Support for Chrome & Doc extensions

Quillbot Premium

The Premium version of Quillbot offers a full experience with the maximized potential of their paraphrasing tool:

  • 10,000 character paraphraser limit
  • Up to 15 sentences processed at once
  • 4 levels of synonym options
  • 6 different writing modes
  • Unlimited freeze words and phrases
  • Support for Chrome & Doc Extensions

What Are Some Ideal Uses For Quillbot?

Academic & Collegiate Use

Quillbot’s rapid paraphrasing allows users to swiftly create original content from a variety of sources. QuillBot is great for college and university students since it is an academic writing tool that can be used to write essays, dissertations, and research papers.

SEO & Marketing

Creating online or social media material might be difficult, but Quillbot can help you with it, whether it’s a full-fledged blog post or just a brief paragraph. While it lacks the SEO functionality of Jasper or SurferSEO, it performs far better than other article rewriters or content spinners when it comes to paraphrasing.

Media & News Articles

Quillbot is a quick and easy solution to enhance your writing time if you work in the news or media, especially when working off press releases or related press materials. You’ll be able to paraphrase original source text into unique paragraphs or summarize vast volumes of content to focus on the most important points.

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