5 Best Grammar Checkers (2022): Grammarly, Ginger, Free & Paid Options

In 2022, what is the best grammar checker?

You should be if you aren’t already. After all the effort you put into your writing, a single grammatical error – a small, foolish blunder — may completely derail it.

To make their work as professional, SEO-friendly, and error-free as possible, savvy freelance writers, marketers, and students employ grammar-checking software.

Grammar checkers help you correct errors and improve the quality of your writing. They exist in many kinds and sizes, from websites to mobile apps, making it difficult to choose the right one. That’s why I compared a few of them to discover which one is the finest grammar checker app available right now.

But how can you know which grammar checker is best for you? That’s exactly what we’ll assist you with.

Let’s get started.

The Best Grammar Checker Software of 2022

1. Grammarly

Artificial intelligence is getting up to the human brain. Although robots have not yet begun to kill everything in sight, many things are now conceivable that were not imaginable only a few hundred years ago. For example, a writing tool like Grammarly, which functions as your very own English editor and teacher in one neat package, used to be science fiction.

The company’s creators began by developing a plagiarism checker, which led to their next idea: developing a tool that will not only fix your errors but also improve your writing skills.


  • Free version available
  • Usable on a variety of platforms
  • Works on Windows and Mac
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Comprehensive comments
  • Gamification
  • Grammarly for businesses and schools
  • Expert writing service


  • The free version is limited
  • Doesn’t work offline
  • No free Premium Grammarly trial

Grammarly Cost and Packages

This Grammarly review covers all of the important components of the program, from notable features to package rates and prospective alternatives.

PeriodPremiumBusinessGrammarly @edu
Monthly$29.95/month$25/member/month (for all users) /
Annually$11.66/monthstarts at $11.67/member/month *starts at $500/year **

Grammarly Review: Free, Premium, Business, and @edu – Who Are They For?

Free Version

Grammarly is one of the most powerful AI proofreading tools available, and its free version might be beneficial to almost anybody. When it comes to having proper language and spelling, there are no drawbacks, whether you’re posting on Facebook or composing a business email. You may quickly dismiss the app’s suggestions if you don’t like them. Overall, it’s a useful safety net to have, and it won’t set you back any money.

Grammarly Premium

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Grammarly Premium trial, so if you require any of the so-called Grammarly Pro capabilities, you’ll have to pay for it. This piece of advice is extremely crucial for bloggers, students, professional authors, and anybody else who works in a sector that demands them to write lengthy, correct texts. Not only will your work be more polished, but your personal writing abilities will increase as well.

Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business is adapted to cater to the needs of both large and small businesses. These adaptations include: 

  • individual accounts for all of your employees
  • the ability of each team leader to monitor writing trends for their team
  • the option to set up your company’s style guide, thus making sure that any text leaving your company is on brand and clear. 

Hopefully, you’ll read our Grammarly Premium review in this article and become familiar with its features. If you do, you’ll also discover all there is to know about the Grammarly Business package. Grammarly Business and Grammarly Premium are identical in terms of features, with the exception of the few enhancements we just highlighted.

Grammarly @edu

Grammarly @edu was designed with educational institutions in mind. Both teachers and students will benefit from it. Grammarly does not provide a student discount at this time. In reality, the only discounts available are occasionally discovered in emails sent to Grammarly’s mailing list.

Ginger Software

Many of us work and communicate across national lines because of the global character of today’s job economy. And much of the stuff we consume is in English, which is most people’s second language. As a result, English editing and proofreading software are in high demand.

This is where our Ginger Software review comes in. Ginger is one of the most popular and commonly used grammar checkers, second only to Grammarly. Ginger can rewrite your phrases, offer word meanings, translate into multiple languages, and evaluate your faults in addition to checking and fixing your grammar. Ginger Software offers a free plan that includes basic grammatical checks, while the Ginger Premium bundle includes more advanced functions.


  • A great alternative to Grammarly
  • Robust English learning features
  • Dictionary and translator included
  • Good free plan
  • Advanced sentence rephrasing capabilities


  • No integration with Google Docs

Ginger Spelling and Grammar Check

The software’s main feature is its spelling and grammar checker. The use of good English is critical in all situations, including emails, blog posts, translation, and simple conversation. Incorrect language and punctuation may cause embarrassment and provide a negative first impression. Let’s have a look at the Ginger grammar program.

At its most basic level, Ginger’s grammar checker is nearly identical to Grammarly’s. Any misspellings will be highlighted by the application as you type.

Ginger uses artificial intelligence (AI) and contextual grammar technologies to not only indicate misspelled words but also to provide repairs or substitutions for highlighted words, as well as to assist restructure sentences. These capabilities provide Ginger a significant advantage over other integrated grammar checkers. For example, Microsoft Word only offers minimal adjustments.

 Subject-verb agreement

– Singular/plural nouns

– Consecutive nouns

– Misused words

One of the most robust features of the Ginger grammar checker is its Contextual Spelling Correction. This cutting-edge technology spots parts of sentences that need changing and provides corrections that fit the context and meaning of the sentence. Even when the sentence has multiple mistakes, Ginger will find corrections/replacements and allow you to make changes with one click. Thanks to the advanced patent-pending technology Ginger relies on, changes do not distort the original meaning of the text.

According to customer Ginger software reviews, the contextual spelling correction makes all the difference, correcting phonetic mistakes and wrong verb conjugations on the fly as well.

On top of all of this, Ginger gives total sentence restructuring advice. However, during our trial, we didn’t receive any alternative sentence structures – but maybe we’re just too good.

The spell-checking and grammar-checking application isn’t only for writers. Ginger may be trusted by editors and proofreaders to rapidly go through and revise whole articles by copy-pasting them into the computer. Of course, as we discovered during our Ginger software review, the program cannot always repair all errors – no software can, at least not yet. Nonetheless, it corrects the vast majority of errors, particularly the most prevalent ones, substantially decreasing your burden.

The spelling and grammar checker may be used directly in the program or as a Chrome, WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, or Twitter extension/plugin.

Ginger Prices

The majority of Ginger’s basic grammar and spell-checking capabilities are available for free on all platforms. You may freely utilize the dictionary and the basic version of the Rewriter, as well as some of the Personal Trainer capabilities, in addition to grammar and spelling.

The Ginger Premium package, however, includes the translator, text reader, comprehensive personal training, and Sentence Rephrasing features. The service is based on a subscription model that may be paid on a monthly or annual basis.

The current monthly subscription fee is $20.97. It’s more expensive than Grammarly’s $29.95 per month, but it’s still less expensive.

The yearly subscription is presently available at a 40% discount, costing only $7.49 each month or $89.88 for the entire year. The monthly fee drops to $6.66 – $159.84 if you enroll for two years.


Writing is a complicated business: it may be a terrible chore, a valued pastime, or both. In both cases, writing-checker software can be a fantastic option.

Yes, we are aware. There are so many options to pick from! We believe that after reading our ProWritingAid review, you will reach the same conclusion as we did: this writing and editing software is simply fine.

ProWritingAid was created by Orpheus Technology in 2012 as a tool for professional authors. It was supposed to assist them in polishing their writings. Over the years, Orpheus has developed several services, expanding its client base to include students, knowledge workers, and bloggers.

You may feel as though ProWritingAid is leading you beyond the essential spelling and punctuation adjustments when you use it. This is a correct impression. ProWritingAid evaluates your writing based on a variety of factors other than grammar, punctuation, and use. It’s almost as if ProWritingAid is evaluating your work with the objective of having it published in the greatest magazine or journal possible.


  • Free online version
  • Free Premium Trial
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Detailed reports
  • Learning assistance
  • Wide variety of integrations
  • Free resources


  • Pricey plagiarism checks
  • Incomplete Alliteration Report


SubscriptionPremiumPremium Plus

ProWritingAid Premium

Check out ProWritingAid Premium if you don’t have a lot of free time. You might find that the extra desktop app and smooth connection with Microsoft Word, Open Office, and other word-processing tools are just what you need.

ProWritingAid Premium, unlike the free version, has no restrictions. Your content may be as long as you want it to be, and the writing checker can be tailored to your tastes or the requirements of your company. The premium ProWritingAid option has you covered with everything from browser extensions to desktop applications.

There’s one more thing regarding ProWritingAid Premium that we should mention. We’re pretty impressed with it, as you can probably tell. You don’t have to take our word for it, though: you may put it to the test yourself. You may receive a ProWritingAid free trial for the Premium version by going to the website. All you have to do is submit a request on Prowritingaid.com, and you’ll receive an email confirmation within seconds.

We encourage that you take advantage of ProWritingAid’s generosity, a few spelling and grammar-checking tools provide free samples of their premium services. The trial period is seven days, and if you don’t like it, you can quickly remove your ProWritingAid account and erase any add-ins and programs.


WhiteSmoke was founded in 2002, and it soon established itself as one of the greatest grammar checkers money can buy by utilizing modern technologies such as Natural language processing. Natural language processing is linguistics and artificial intelligence discipline that trains a computer to interpret and analyze languages.

WhiteSmoke is simple to use and has a lot of tools that might help you write short tales or keep track of essential business communications. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the program is its low cost. More information is available in our WhiteSmoke review for 2022, which covers the software’s three packages, as well as all its features and competitive comparisons.

  • Affordable
  • Integrated Translator
  • Integrated Plagiarism checker
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Easy to use
  • Video grammar tutorials
  • Outdated website
  • No free version

Pricing Packages

There are three different pricing packages offered by WhiteSmoke. If payments are made annually the prices are as follows:

Web:  $5.00/month, billed annually as $59.95

Premium: $6.66/month, billed annually as $79.95

Business: $11.50/month, billed annually as $137.95

Below are the three-year payment options that reduce your monthly cost:

Web: $3.47/month, billed annually as $124.95

Premium: $5.55/month, billed annually as $199.95

Business: $8.82/month, billed annually as $317.5

If you have a bigger business that you’d like to equip with WhiteSmoke writing enhancement software, you can email the company to get a quote.

Web package

A WhiteSmoke browser plugin is included with the Web package for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. A grammar checker, a plagiarism checker, and a translator are among the features available.

Although the feature is referred to as a grammar checker, it accomplishes far more than that. It contains the following items:

an incomplete, fragmented, and run-on sentence checker 

– spelling and capitalization checks

– proofing of words spelled correctly but used in the wrong context 

– punctuation checker

– correction of double negatives, tense shifts, object clauses, and dangling modifiers

WhiteSmoke, in a nutshell, checks your spelling, grammar, and style. The style correction tool shortens phrases and corrects other problems like tenses flipping in the middle of a sentence.

The plagiarism checker is most typically used for academic papers, but it may also be used to ensure that corporate documents do not include copied content.

WhiteSmoke’s software was created to be incredibly user-friendly, so you won’t have to waste time reading user manuals. The WhiteSmoke plagiarism checking application, however, does not require a separate membership. The app includes a method for purchasing credit to utilize the plagiarism checker. All of the packages include 500 credits, with the option to purchase more at any time.

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