Best Snake Game Apps for Android & iOS

Snake games will undoubtedly be on the list of the all-time most addicting mobile games if you attempt to recall them. You’ll constantly want to return to them, which is why these games haven’t lost their appeal even after being around for a while.

Fortunately, there are several snake game applications for Android & iOS that provide you a satisfying classic experience with contemporary enhancements. There is something for everyone in these games, which range in style from fantasy 3D to vintage. Additionally, most of these games have a multiplayer option so you may play with friends.

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10 Best Snake Games (Classic and Realistic) for Android & iOS


Let’s start with the time-honored snake game, which is played by millions of people all over the world.

His game’s premise is as straightforward as it can be at first glance: by devouring everything in your path and navigating obstacles, you want to expand a little snake into a large one. The visuals in this game are really adorable, and you can customize your slither to your preferences.

You may choose a traditional slither, a dragon snake from a story, a ninja slither, or even a corgi slither. Replay the game to avoid losing a level due to a bug since it is seamless and has no delays.

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2. Worms

Worm Zone is the best option if you want a snake game with more dynamic, enjoyment, and lets you compete with the best. One of the top snake games for smartphones, it has received over 100 million downloads from the Play Store alone, demonstrating its incredible popularity.

Worm Zone is a PVP game, much to, thus you need take care not to collide with other people while playing. You have to retrace your steps if you run into them. Worm Zone enhances your game experience with its clean aesthetic and excellent visuals. To download for iPhone and Android devices, utilize the links below.

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3. Snake Rivals

This 3D snake game allows you to battle other snakes.

You start off as a small little snake (or worm, if you like), and the object of the game is to devour the food in your path and extend your life as much as you can. Here, you must avoid running into hazards that become increasingly difficult the longer your tail is.

Additionally, since this is a multiplayer game, other snakes are on the same field. As a result, you’ll also need to avoid encountering them, which increases the challenge. The game features several stunning 3D settings, like a flower-filled field, a forest, and even a badland. You may also access different skins.

4. Little Big Snake

Here we have a serpent game that is at the next level and will appeal to both traditionalists and innovators.

This MP game pits players against other slithers in a race for leadership. The gameplay is straightforward; you have to expand your slither by eating fruits as you go while dodging obstacles, etc. With this, you can attack other snakes and kill them in addition to avoiding them altogether.

The next step is to take your opponent’s strength and energy once they have been destroyed and removed from the field (sounds a little weird, but it’s okay). Additionally, you can consume the nectar and gather various artifacts and objects to increase your experience. 

5. Snake Game

This is the snake game to play if you’re not searching for anything ultra-modern.

You can relive the ambiance of the first Serpent game by playing this game. It goes without saying that the designers gave the classic snake game a somewhat more contemporary appearance. The game offers four gaming modes to suit various moods. You may choose between a master snake, a classic snake, a vintage snake, a snake on steroids, and more.

You may flip between all the different types depending on your mood because each one has its own playgrounds and patterns. The mechanics remain same throughout. Here, your objective is to move about the field and devour whatever that come your way.


The 3D block snake game will keep you occupied for a while now.

Since there is no MP mode in this program, you can only race against computers. Every game follows the same rules: to get access to other snakes’ powers, you must move about the limitless arena and kill them. It’s more difficult than you would think to let your snake grow as big as you can in this game.

The slithers in this game move exceedingly quickly, to start. As a result, it becomes difficult to avoid encountering other snakes or other roadblocks as your snake grows. Other snakes will transform into fruits if they strike you, and


This amusing meme-themed casual snake game has a snake theme.

This game immediately stands out as a classic example of the genre. But as soon as you try to play it, you’ll see that it isn’t. You’ll have a lot of fun playing this game since it’s chock full of references to meme culture in both audio and visual format. You may also unlock a ton of amusing skins, such as skulls and lightsabers.

You must navigate your snake about the dark arena, eat anything delicious that comes your way, and attempt to maintain your life for as long as possible. Other players are also here, which you can beat and consume as well. As time goes on

8. Snakes And Apples

This game’s name accurately captures its premise.

The objective of this game is to have your snake consume every apple in its path, but in the proper order. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? The catch is that there are many things you need to avoid in the arena. More precisely, there are rocks, bumps, stumps, and more. The rounds will become increasingly difficult since the game is built on a rising difficulty structure.

However, you may always take advice to go forward if you ever feel stuck. You could play the game for weeks and yet not complete all of its levels because it has hundreds of them.

9. Worms Zone

The next game is a somewhat wacky and unique slither game. This is for those who enjoy fast-paced action and friendly competition.

You can play the game indefinitely as long as you manage to stay alive since it has an unlimited level structure. Regarding the aesthetics, the entire arena is dark, making the vibrant worms and snakes stand out even more. To become the most fashionable snake of all, you may add dozens of skins from the game to your wardrobe.

The gameplay is straightforward; you simply need to navigate around the field alongside other snakes while gathering bonuses and food along the way. But keep in mind that this is a competitive game, and other snakes will attempt to

10. Snake Off

This is essentially the same old snake game with a few upgrades.

You may engage in combat with other snakes in this cute multiplication game. All of the snakes in the game area are adorable and bright, and the field resembles a square of paper. The gem has a variety of skins that you may unlock and test.

Each player begins with a little snake, and the one that grows the largest and lives the longest wins. You’ll need to navigate around the field while consuming bright dots. If the head of your snake strikes the body of another snake, you’ll perish and change into a colorful jumble of dots.

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