How to Fix a Not Registered on Network Error on Android

What to do when your SIM card can’t connect to your carrier’s network

On your  Android, are you getting the not registered on network error? Here are the issues and a solution.

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What Does Not Registered on Network Error on Android Mean?

Your  Android smartphone will display the not registered on network message if your SIM card is unable to connect to your carrier’s network. Most likely, you won’t be able to send or receive texts or phone calls. The procedures to correct this issue are the same regardless of the make or model of the Android phone because it can happen on any of them.

Causes of Not Registered on Network Error On Android

There could be an issue with your SIM card on your Android, or the problem could be on your carrier’s end. Possible causes of the not registered on network error on Android include:

  • Your phone’s firmware or operating system is out of date.
  • The SIM card is disconnected or damaged.
  • Your carrier is not selected in your phone’s settings.
  • Your carrier is experiencing an outage.

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How Do I Register My Android Network?

1.Try these steps in order until your phone is working properly. Restart your Android device. Any short-term problems keeping you from connecting to the network will be resolved by restarting your device.

2. Disable Wi-Fi. Your phone’s Wi-Fi should be turned off. After waiting 30 seconds, switch it back on. Your connection is reset, which may fix any short-term technical issues.

3. update Android phone. To ensure you have the most recent updates your phone requires, make sure your operating system and firmware are up to date. this can resolve Not Registered on Network Error on Android.

Before you may install updates, you must unroot your Android phone if it has been rooted.

4. Reinsert the SIM Card back in. Make sure your SIM card is in good condition by removing it, then replacing it. Ensure that the card is properly positioned in the tray and that the metal pins are positioned correctly.

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5. Manually choose your network. Make sure the correct carrier is selected in your settings. Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Search now and select your carrier’s network.

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6. Change the network’s mode. It’s recommended to switch to 3G or 2G if you’re in an area with poor reception or one that doesn’t support 5G or 4G.

7. Contact your mobile provider. Visit a shop or call your provider from a different phone so they can assist you in resolving the issue. There can be a network outage in your region, in which case all you can do is wait. Your carrier can assist you in getting a new SIM card if your current one has a problem with a Not Registered on Network Error on Android.

8. Update the APN settings. The Access Point Name (APN) settings may need to be updated if your service provider changes lately. Write down the default APN settings so you can change them back because this is a complicated repair.

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9. Reset the network configuration. Problems that a reboot cannot solve can be resolved by establishing a new connection to your carrier’s network. Resetting network settings should only be used as a last option because it will delete any Bluetooth connections and Wi-Fi passwords.

10. Change your SIM card. Try switching to another SIM card that has been activated if you have one to check whether your phone can connect to the network. If it can, there is a SIM card problem. Check the Samsung support website to discover which SIM cards work with your Samsung Galaxy before you go out and buy a new one.

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