How to use google meet on your laptop or desktop

Your guide on how to use Google Meet on your laptop or desktop.

One of the most user-friendly video conferencing programs available is without a doubt Google Meet. It provides the most user-friendly interface, starting with the fact that you don’t even need an app to utilize it on a desktop or laptop.

Here is a simple introduction to help you become familiar with using Google Meet on a computer if you use it to attend meetings or use google meet on your laptop or desktop.

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Meet on Google. is a free video-conferencing service that has a 60-minute time restriction and allows users to add up to 100 people. Additionally, it offers free access to tools like scheduling, real-time captioning, and screen sharing.

Meet on Google. enables users to make and receive video calls while on the go and is accessible on iOS and Android smartphones. One of the main rivals to Zoom’s video conferencing service. this are crucial products if you want to use google meet on your laptop or desktop

How to use google meet on your laptop or desktop

Use Google Meet on your laptop or desktop: Using the Web App

On the PC, Google Meet is a web application. Go to with the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Additionally, you may set up Google Meet as a PWA (Progressive Web App). A PWA lets you install the website on your computer as an app. You don’t have to open your browser separately; it still needs it to function. Just install the browser on your computer. The PWA will launch directly from your desktop in a separate window. Google Meet PWA may be installed using Chrome or Edge browsers.

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On the PC, Google Meet is a web application. Go to with the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

1 .Open Google Meet

From the Google Meet homepage, go to the address bar and click the ‘Install Google Meet’ icon on the left of the Bookmark icon.

A confirmation prompt will appear. Click ‘Install’ to install it as a PWA on your desktop to use use google meet on your laptop or desktop.

Google Meet will shift in a separate window. You can create a desktop shortcut, pin it to the taskbar or the Start menu, or auto-start it on login like any other desktop app.

2. Joining a Meeting on Google Meet

The other steps are the same whether or not you install Google Meet as a PWA since a PWA installs the website as an app.

You have two options for joining a meeting: either use the entire URL or simply the meeting code.

If you have the meeting link, copy it and paste it into your browser’s address bar before pressing the Enter key.

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After joining the meeting from the browser, click the ‘Open link in’ icon to open it on the Google Meet PWA.

You can also directly paste the link into the textbox on the Google Meet homepage (in the browser or the PWA) that says ‘Enter a code or link’.

Enter the code in the textbox to join using a meeting code. The meeting link’s final 10 letters include the meeting code to use google meet on your laptop or desktop.

When manually typing it, the hyphens are not required. Furthermore, the code is not case-sensitive. To join the meeting, click the ‘Join’ button or press the enter key.

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You’ll reach the meeting preview screen. Click the ‘Ask to Join’ button and the meeting host will get a notification that you want to join the meeting. When they let you in, you’ll become a part of the meeting. follow this guide to use google meet on your laptop or desktop.

3. Using Other Meeting Functionalities

Google Meet has a lot of features to make the meeting experience seamless. Here’s how to use these features on the desktop in Google Meet.

Camera and Microphone Controls

At any point during or even before the meeting, you can mute or unmute your microphone and switch on or off your video.

From the meeting toolbar, select the “Microphone” icon to mute or unmute your microphone. Your microphone can be muted by other attendees to the meeting, but due to privacy considerations, only you can unmute it. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + d may also be used to turn on and off the microphone.

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To turn your camera on/ off, click the ‘Camera’ icon from the meeting toolbar. Only you can turn your camera on or off in a meeting. You can also use the Ctrl + e keyboard shortcut to toggle your camera on and off.

Google Meet has also introduced the automatic light adjustment for video on the desktop (web) app. Previously, the feature was only available on the mobile app. You can enable this to make your video brighter when you have poor lighting conditions.

Click the ‘More options’ icon (three-dot menu) from the meeting toolbar.

Then, click ‘Settings’ from the menu that appears.

Go to ‘Video’ from the navigation bar on the left.

Even if you’re accessing the settings from the preview screen, go to the ‘Video’ tab from the left.

Enable the toggle for ‘Adjust video lighting’.

Note: Using light adjustment in the meeting can slow down your computer slightly.

You can also enable the light adjustment from the visual effects menu while on the preview screen. Switch to the ‘Audio & Video’ tab from the top.

Then, enable the toggle for ‘Adjust video lighting’.

Using Background Effects

You can also change your background in Google Meet meetings. Go to the ‘More options’ icon from the meeting toolbar. Then, click ‘Apply visual effects’ from the menu.

The Effects panel will open on the right.

You can upload a custom background, utilize one of Google Meet’s available background photos or movies, or use one of the two blur effects. The filters and AR styles available in the Google Meet mobile app are not available in the desktop browser application. To use an effect, simply click it.

To upload a custom background, click the ‘Upload a background image option and upload an image from your computer.

The backdrop will be seen in the self-view window of the effects panel itself. As soon as you click it, the effect is implemented and made apparent to everyone else in the meeting as well.

A visual effect that was active when you left a meeting will be automatically activated when you enter the following one.

Before entering a meeting, backdrop effects can also be used. Click the “Apply visual effects” button () in the bottom-right corner of your self-view window while you are on the preview screen. Click an effect to use it after that. hope you like our guide on using google meet on your laptop or desktop.

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Changing Google Meeting Layouts on your laptop or desktop

For the desktop, Google Meet provides a few distinct layout choices. To organize the video tiles in a way that best fits you, pick from these many possibilities.

  • Auto: Depending on what it thinks is ideal for the circumstance, Google Meet will select the layout for you. By default, it displays 9 participants in a 33 grid, but you may change this amount using the slider at the bottom. It also serves as the meeting’s default option up until you make a modification.
  • Tiled: The tiled view arranges all of the video streams into an equal-sized grid. A bigger presentation tile with speakers nearby in smaller tiles will be displayed if there is a presentation.
  • Spotlight: This arrangement displays the presentation in full screen together with the video of the active speaker, participant, or both (your choice). You may always see the participant’s video that you have pinned.
  • Sidebar: The remaining meeting attendees are shown in the sidebar, with one image—either of a participant or the presentation—front and center. Click the “More options” icon (three-dot menu) on the meeting toolbar to modify the layout. Choose “Change layout” from the menu after that.

To change the layout, click the ‘More options’ icon (three-dot menu) from the meeting toolbar. Then, select ‘Change layout’ from the menu.

The layout menu will open. Select the layout you want to choose. The layout you choose will be saved for future meetings as well.

No matter which layout you choose, by default, your video is not a part of it. It instead appears in a movable self-view window which you can even minimize. To include your video as a tile, go to the self-view window and click the ‘Show in a tile’ icon. This will show your video as a tile in the tiled or Auto view.

Meeting Chat in Google Meet

To chat with other participants in the meeting, go to the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, click the ‘Chat’ icon.

The Chat panel will open on the right. Type the message and click ‘Send’. The messages you send will be visible to everyone in the meeting.

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