how to spot fake AirPods box (Real Vs Fake)

  • Check the AirPods’ serial number using Apple’s tool for determining coverage. You can tell if your AirPods are real if they appear there.
  • Press the button on the case when the case is open and an iPhone or iPad is nearby. Only authentic AirPods display a window for pairing and battery life.

We test counterfeit AirPods to determine what differentiates fake Airpods from the authentic pair. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to spot fake AirPods and tell if your AirPods or AirPods Pro are fake.

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How to Tell If AirPods Are Fake: Check the Serial Number

Checking the serial number with Apple is the most secure way to ensure that your AirPods aren’t fake. You most likely have a fake if the business has never heard of the serial number.

Check by opening the AirPods case cover and examining the bottom of the lid. When the case is closed, it is located on the area that is closest to the charging status LED. Once you’ve found your number, head to and enter the serial number.

How to Tell If AirPods Are Fake: Try to Pair Them or Check Battery Life

By performing an action that only real AirPods can do, you can determine whether or not the AirPods are fake.

A popup appears on the screen of the iPhone or iPad when you try to link AirPods with them or when you open AirPods that are already paired and are close to them. Because that feature depends on the W1 chip, a communications chip Apple designed specifically for the AirPods, it can only occur with real AirPods. It is quite improbable that imitation AirPods could imita ate such function.

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Use this approach to identify fake AirPods, take the following actions:

  1. Make sure the AirPods are charged.
  2. Hold the AirPods next to an iPhone or iPad, which has Bluetooth turned on. Open the AirPods case (while leaving the earbuds in the case).
  3. If the AirPods have already been set up with this device, the battery screen will appear. That means your AirPods are air pods battery
  4. If the AirPods haven’t been set up with this device, wait for the connection screen to appear. If it does, your AirPods are the real thing.Screenshot of being prompted to hold AirPods button for setup

How to Spot Fake AirPods: Check the Box

Check here first if you still have the box your AirPods arrived in because Apple is fastidious about its packaging. At first sight, the box can appear to be authentic, but there are a few things to watch for.

The box itself need should fit tightly. Something might not be right if the inner box and its cover fall apart extremely easily or don’t fit together properly.

Another thing to look at is the font chosen for the AirPods name and the Apple logo on the packaging. You may have a fake if these are reflecting rather than flat gray, for instance.

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How to Spot Fake AirPods: Check Your Case

The port at the bottom of your charging case is the first item you should inspect. This is a Lightning connector on real Apple AirPods, however, counterfeit versions may have a USB-C port there in its place.

Additionally, make sure the charging case magnetically closes and includes a status LED on the front. It’s a negative indicator if your case lacks one of these characteristics.

How to Spot Fake AirPods Closely Inspect Your AirPods

For some reason, counterfeit producers appear to have trouble replicating the AirPods’ very ends. The bottom of the original AirPods should have an oval vent. This is probably a fake if it is round.

From model to model, this varies. For instance, the AirPods Pro doesn’t feature a bottom vent. To make sure everything matches up, compare your individual model to official Apple photos of the same product.

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