How to Watch Ted Lasso in 2022: TV Guide

How to see If you haven’t started watching the popular comedy-drama starring Jason Sudeikis but hear that season 3 is coming soon, Ted Lasso may be the burning question on your mind.

An American football coach pursuing the affection of skeptical Brits has won hearts on both sides of the pond. Read on to find out how to watch Ted Lasso.

The critically praised sitcom, Ted Lasso, starring the consistently funny Jason Sudeikis, recounts the antics of Ted Lasso as an American college football coach who is hired to manage an English soccer club.

Ted Lasso, who is adored by fans all around the world, took home several top honors and major awards at the 2017 Emmys. If that hasn’t persuaded you to watch Ted Lasso, consider the fact that it is believed to be the most nominated rookie comedy in Emmy history.

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Here we reveal how to watch Ted Lasso season 1 and 2 and whether there’s already a release date for season 3 and trailer.

How to Watch Ted Lasso on Any Device: Apps and Online

Ted Lasso can be viewed in a number different ways. You can make use of an Apple product. Here, we’ll demonstrate how.

1. How to Watch Ted Lasso Using the Apple TV App

The issue of how to watch Ted Lasso also makes an Apple TV+ membership a necessity if you want to try the Jason Sudeikis comedy but reside in the UK. Fans in the UK may enjoy three free months of the service by purchasing an Apple device. The program is an exclusive Apple TV+ production.

After a free seven-day trial, a monthly membership will cost you £4.99, and Apple One plans, which combine up to five more Apple services into one monthly subscription, start at £14.95 per month.


However, due to geographical limitations, you won’t be able to watch Ted Lasso as you would at home if you’re on vacation and want to catch up on seasons 1 and 2 before the start of season 3. Fortunately, there is a simple fix, and you can utilize a VPN to keep viewing the popular show. This useful piece of software allows you to view on-demand entertainment or live TV as if you were at home by changing your IP address.

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Ted Lasso centers on the eponymous character, Ted, who relocated to London to take over the faltering English Premier League soccer team, AFC Richmond. The film is equally comical and dramatic. Ted, a college football coach in the United States, is regrettably inexperienced in this sport. And when she gave him his dramatically different new position, club owner Rebecca Welton was depending on this.

Rebecca was enraged by her cheating ex-husband, so she set out to get revenge in the most visible and impressive manner she knew how: by hiring Ted and watching as his incompetence as a soccer coach destroys the club.

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The AFC Richmond players are first dubious about their new coach, but it doesn’t take Ted long to win them over with his charm, optimism, and fun. Since Ted Lasso debuted in August 2020, both reviewers and viewers at home have been awed by the outstanding performances and plot. So much so that Hannah Waddingham (Rebecca Welton) and Brett Goldstein (club captain Roy Kent) won best supporting actor and actress at the Emmys last year for their work on Ted Lasso.

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