10 Best Free Photo Filter Apps for iPhone and Android in 2022

It’s simple to show your creativity while giving your images a professional touch using photo filters. You may pick a filter that complements your images among the many aesthetic choices available, and you can even design a social media profile theme.

How can you, however, know which picture filter app will suit you and your photos the best? We’ll look at the top eight picture editing apps for iPhone and Android in this article.

Best iPhone & Android Apps for Filter Lovers

1. YouCam Perfect: Best Free Filter App Overall

YouCam Perfect is the #1 best free photo editing app for iOS and Android

users. The greatest free picture editing software for iOS and Android users is YouCam Perfect. It offers all the picture editing and beautifying tools you want, including more than 500 filter choices to give your photographs fashionable hues and a unique look.

Available: Both iOS and Android

2.  Instagram: Free Social App With Basic Filters

Instagram is a well-known social networking program that allows you to alter photos using a variety of filters before sharing them.

It’s a terrific platform for sharing your images with the entire globe and has over 100 million active members. You may also make your images stand out by using one of the many filters available.

You may also follow other users to find inspiration in their work. Why not adore it? Instagram has quickly grown to be my preferred social networking platform for posting photos.

It is simple to use, has clear instructions, and has enough features to keep things interesting. Instagram adds the ideal finishing touch of flare to your photographs with a variety of lovely filters that are simple to use.

Available: Both iOS and Android

3. VSCO: Popular Filter App

Best for VSCO works best when you’re looking for moody, atmospheric, edgy filters for your photos.

VSCO features 10 presets to make editing even simpler. It has more than 200 picture filters and sophisticated editing capabilities, including vintage filters.

To make original collages to share, you may overlay films and photographs with filters applied. The community element of the app provides challenges, and the Discover section allows you to get inspiration from others.

Available: Both iOS and Android

4. Retrica: Vintage Photo Filter App

Best for: Retrica is great for capturing a vintage vibe with old-school filters and effects.

The Retrica filters give your pictures the perfect vintage appearance. It works nicely for adding effects to selfies and images of the outdoors or other scenery. The only drawback is that getting an ad-free experience requires purchasing the premium version.

Available: iOS only

5. Photo Editor Pro: Stylish Filter App

Best for: Picture Editor Pro works best when you require straightforward photo filters for convenient, rapid, and professional-looking adjustments.

Every person was considered when creating Photo Editor Pro. With a variety of editing tools, you may produce works of art with little effort and professional-level editing.

With technology that quickly detects regions of poor quality and beautifies them, its auto-enhance feature enhances the appearance of your images with a single swipe. Once you’ve finished beautifying your photographs with your preferred filters, you may even add text to them.

Available: Both iOS and Android

6. Snapseed: complete and professional photo editor

Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google

Snapseed is a comprehensive & extensive photo editing app. Tools and filters to let you edit your images on the move are some of its primary features. Snapseed allows you to store your customized looks and filters so you may use them on photographs later even if the program doesn’t feature a ton of filters.

Available: Both iOS and Android

7. A Color Story: Best Aesthetic Filter App

You may rapidly edit and apply effects to your images with A Color Story. With more than 500 filters, you may combine them to get really original compositions and looks. Play around with different tools to create aesthetic filters that suit your taste. A Color Story was initially intended to be used on an iPad, even if there is a mobile version.

Before using the app, you must to create an account (there is no free trial). However, if you enjoy applying filters to your smartphone images, this is one of the greatest apps.

Available: Both iOS and Android

8. Prisma: Best Art Filter App

Using the photo-editing program Prisma, you can transform your favorite photos into beautiful works of digital art. Prisma offers a huge selection of artistic filters that you may choose from, and you can customize the settings to suit your style and appearance.

Although this software has many great capabilities that other photo-editing applications like YouCam Perfect have, it does not have as many creative filters.

9. Instasize Photo Editor + Video

For anybody who enjoys filters and wants to enhance their Instagram game, these top shopping mode iPhone apps are a must-have.

With Instasize, you can quickly edit your pictures and videos with lovely effects. The software also offers lessons and useful hints.

If there is something in the backdrop that you want to remove or if you want to ensure that your shot has appropriate symmetry, you may utilize this tool.

10. BeautyPlus

Anyone looking to have fun with filters and picture manipulation might consider BeautyPlus.

You may use the simple editing tools in BeautyPlus to create a selfie or utilize a picture from your camera roll. You have the option to smooth your skin, apply cosmetics, and alter your hair color.

Additionally, there are several filters available, allowing you to customize the appearance of your images. Also important to note is that these features aren’t limited to selfies.

Photo Filter App FAQs

  • What is the best free photo filter app?

There are a ton of filters in YouCam Perfect, VSCO, Instagram, Retrica, and Shot Editor Pro that work with every photo. You have a lot more possibilities to improve your pictures with YouCam Perfect’s stylish aesthetic filters than with any other photo filter software.

  • How can I make my selfies look better?

You may enhance your selfies, apply interesting picture filters, add backdrops, animations, and stickers with the variety of photo editing tools included in YouCam Perfect. With its tools, you can easily edit your selfies to make them appear better and get rid of any unpleasant elements.

  • How can I filter my photos for free?

To add chic color to your pictures, use the free filters offered by YouCam Perfect. Both the iOS and Android versions of the app are free to download and use.

  • How do you add a filter on a photo?

YouCam Perfect, VSCO, Retrica, and other photo-editing applications may all let you add a filter to your photograph. For any mood and style, YouCam Perfect offers a wide range of picture filters.

  1. Downloading YouCam Perfect
  2. Go to Edit and choose Effects.
  3. Select Filter and scroll through the options to experiment until you find the one you like best. 
  4. Then, simply tap to apply!

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