How to Unpair Apple Watch

What to Know

  • On iPhone: Open the Watch app > All Watches > Info (i) > Unpair Apple Watch. Then, enter password > Unpair.
  • On Watch: Press the crown > Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings Erase all.
  • Unpair using the iPhone if you need to remove Activation Lock protection.

Using either the iPhone or Apple Watch, this article shows how to unpair an Apple Watch from an iPhone. Information is applicable to iPhone Watch apps on iOS 15 through iOS 10 and Apple Watches running watchOS 6 or later.

How to Unpair Apple Watch and iPhone on the Phone

If you want to sell or give away your Apple Watch or if you want to upgrade to a newer watch, you may wish to unpair it from your iPhone. Follow these steps to unpair your Apple Watch on an iPhone.

  1. Tap the Apple Watch app on the iPhone.
  2. Tap All Watches (or My Watch) at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap the Info (i) icon next to your watch.

4. Tap Unpair Apple Watch.

5. If you have an Apple Watch with cellular data capability, you need to indicate what to do with your monthly cellular plan. If you plan to pair this Apple Watch and iPhone again, tap Keep Plan. If you’re going to pair a different Apple Watch and iPhone combination, tap Remove Plan. Tap to confirm.

6. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted to do so. This is necessary if you want to turn off features such as Activation Lock and Find My Watch.

Note: If you want to link your Apple Watch with another iPhone, you don’t need to remove the activation lock, but if you plan to sell or give the device away, you should. The watch will remain locked in your account until it is sold, preventing the new owner from using it.

7. Tap Unpair Apple Watch Unpair [Name] Apple Watch.

The data on the watch is backed up to your iPhone, thus unpairing takes a little while. You have successfully disconnected your Apple Watch from your iPhone when the language selection screen appears after a reboot.

How to Disconnect Apple Watch and iPhone Using the Watch

The Apple Watch may also be unpaired directly from the device. While doing so resets the watch to its factory defaults, it leaves Activation Lock in place. You must unpair the watch with the iPhone as previously mentioned in order to accomplish it.

8. Press the Apple Watch crown to open the apps screen.

9. Tap the Settings icon.

10. Tap General.

11. Scroll down and tap Reset.

12. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

13. Enter your password. For cellular models, choose to keep or remove your cellular plan on the watch.

14. Select Erase all. This action returns your Apple Watch to factory settings.

What to Do When Upgrading to a New iPhone

Make a backup of the old phone if you intend to update it after this unpairing process. The data from your Apple Watch was backed up on your phone when you unpaired it from the phone as previously said.

Restore the backed-up data, which includes the watch data, to the new iPhone after activating it.


  • Why won’t my Apple Watch pair with my phone?If your Apple Watch won’t pair, check your watch’s connection, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone, then update and reboot both devices. If you still have trouble, clear the iPhone’s network settings.
  • Why did my Apple Watch unpair? Your Apple Watch can get unpaired if you turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone, or if you turn on Airplane mode on either device.

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