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Neighborly Software is cloud-based software that increases the administrative effectiveness and legal compliance of initiatives for housing, economic development, and community development.

What is neighborly software?

Communities that are thinking ahead want their personnel to focus more on optimizing the results of community investment and less on administration, compliance, and reporting. This necessitates tackling the administrative waste and cost inefficiencies brought on by their paper-based records, labor-intensive procedures, and antiquated technological solutions.

For the registration, management, and reporting of more than twenty various housing, economic, and community development initiatives, Neighborly Software software offers a comprehensive solution.

With regard to grant administration, customer relationship management, loan processing, construction and rehab management, and asset management, Neighborly Software is the only supplier on the market that offers all the features needed to handle these operations. To increase operational efficiencies, compliance, and the results of community investment, Neighborly Platform also gives all of your stakeholder’s access to the software. You can visit neighborly software login.

neighborly software: is software that is redefining how community, economic, and housing development programs are managed.

neighborly software solutions


Utilize tools created exclusively for the public sector to manage 20+ HCD operations.

Down Payment Assistance

Public Service Grants (CDBG, SCBG)

Homeless Solution Grants (ESG, HOPWA)

Affordable Housing Development

Asset Management (Housing)

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

Home Accessibility Modifications

Emergency Home Repairs

Weatherization Assistance (WAP)

Lead Hazard Remediation

Property Acquisition & Demolition

Public Infrastructure

Community Land Trust

Community Land Banks

Commercial Facade Improvements

Economic Development

Micro-Enterprise Grants/Loans

Housing Rehabilitation


administer the Home Owner Assistance Fund and Emergency Rental Assistance registration, management, and reporting processes.

More than 120 counties, cities, and states utilize Neighborly Software to manage the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) and Homeowner Assistance (HAF) programs. Our knowledge and skills provide our “Neighbors” with best practices that have been shown to increase operational effectiveness, enhance program compliance, and optimize the benefits of community investment.

Timing is everything while providing emergency aid. Neighborly Software (and our partners) help build your Emergency Assistance program fast, makes compliance simple, and enables an expedited distribution of cash to the homes in your community that need them the most.


By managing CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT operations in a single, all-inclusive software solution, you may aid your community’s recovery from natural catastrophes.

Neighborly Software Administer All Your Disaster Recovery And Mitigation Activities In One Solution

Housing Rehab & Reconstruction

Public Facilities & Infrastructure

Affordable Housing Development

Workforce Development

Down Payment Assistance

Emergency Repairs

Economic Development & Revitalization

Micro-Enterprise/SBA Grants/Loans

Voluntary Buyout (Acquisition & Demolition)

Other Home Ownership Assistance

Mortgage & Rental Assistance

Public Services

Homeowner Reimbursement

Mitigation Activities

Relocation Assistance

Timing is key when it comes to catastrophe recovery. Your disaster recovery program will be rapidly implemented by Neighborly Software (and our partners), who will also make compliance simple and enable expedited distribution of money to the communities and households that need them the most.

About neighborly software

The management of the Housing, Economic, and Community Development program has been transformed since 2016 by cloud-based software from neighborly. Neighborly software provides efficiency, compliance, and data-driven insights that assist optimize community impact for 300+ clients (who we call Neighbors) around the country.

They automate and streamline the enrollment, administration, and reporting of more than 20 housing, economic, and community development programs utilizing a single, surprisingly simple, integrated platform.

People at Neighborly Software are driven by a higher cause and committed to serving it. At the core of all we do is help communities help people. We create exceptional Neighbor experiences because of the way we developed our software.

Neighborly Software is on a mission to change the world and believes that one of the most effective and long-lasting methods to generate social and economic benefit is via community development. The platform from Neighborly Software enables communities to significantly improve the lives of low-income families and vulnerable groups.

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