Project Management Tools Review 2022 is ranked #1t on our list of the best project management software due to its adaptability, scalability, low cost, and amazing feature set. In side-by-side comparisons with other top runners, it wins on almost every criteria we consider. Is it, nevertheless, appropriate for you? Let us investigate!

Project management is the process of organizing, monitoring, and controlling a project’s processes from start to finish.

Because it immediately influences the result or money, this procedure is crucial to the company. Project management will produce more money if it is more effective.

To learn more about, its features, advantages, and disadvantages, read our in-depth hands-on review.

Compare Monday to the Best Project Management Software continuously wins our #1 pick for project management software. The program is packed with features in addition to supporting a broad range of use cases. It includes time tracking tools, calendar views, timeline views, collaboration features, and other integrations. It is adaptable and flexible enough to work for just about everyone, whether you’re a freelancer, an enterprise business, or something in between.

Based on our experience testing hundreds of the finest alternatives, we compared the top project management tools side by side. Unsurprisingly, consistently achieves success. However, that does not imply that it is the best option for everyone. Here are all of our top selections.

A Complete Review – Monday.Com

Planning, build-up, execution, and closeout are the four stages of project management.

  • Planning: It explains how to design a project’s outline. It entails identifying the issue that has to be solved, as well as the stakeholders and project objectives, primary tasks, scope, and resources.
  • Build-up: This phase describes how to launch the project. It involves putting together a team, organizing tasks, making the timetable, hosting a launch meeting, and generating a budget.
  • Implementation: This phase outlines the project’s execution strategy. It involves tracking progress, reporting on procedures and finances, convening weekly team meetings, and addressing issues.
  • Closeout: This is the last phase and it explains how to address closing issues. This include assessing project performance, finishing the project, and having a team debrief.

Monitoring your workflows and procedures is only the tip of’s iceberg. You can manage your teams, oversee your portfolio, and arrange for seamless team cooperation using its agile, adaptable platform.

What is

Collaboration software like lets users collaborate without restrictions. On a single work OS platform, processes are simple to build and carry out. It facilitates workflow management in one location, is simple to start, interacts with tools and automates processes to save time, offers dashboards to see the work, and offers round-the-clock customer assistance.

Mondays offer solutions for the operations, sales, HR, IT, and software departments as well as the marketing and creative and sales and CRM departments.

Project management, inventory tracking, and remote work are just a few of the workflow elements it offers. Small to medium firms and organizations benefit the most from it. has a variety of templates for diverse uses. Regarding marketing, content creation, project management, sales & CRM, independent contractors, designers, software department, human resources, manufacturing, operations, startup, education, and real estate


How to start gives its consumers a simple interface to utilize to get going. You must first establish a board before selecting a template in order to begin project management. The next step is to organize your tasks into groups and then add items and columns. Once everything is green, all that is left to do is assign tasks, interact inside those tasks, update those tasks, and so on.

Benefits of Using

  • Easily Accessible and Monitored: It provides easy accessibility to team members or someone (clients or vendors) with whom the manager wants to share the project status. As the performance of the whole team is visible on the board, the manager can easily manage the work.
  • Customizable: With features like pre-made themes, column kinds, boards, documents, dashboards, and more, you may design a digital workspace for your job.
  • Collaboration: By using the program to access updates, performance data, comments, and other features, the entire team is able to work together on a project.
  • Customer service: It offers its consumers round-the-clock customer help for any problems they may have. Additionally, it aids consumers in making the best use of their plans.
  • Integration: For effective management, it enables users to combine their sales and marketing resources in one location. Features

Documents: By interacting with team members for co-editing, exchanging comments, etc., work docs enable users to organize all of their work in one location. To integrate or sync workflows automatically, it offers dashboards, videos, etc. It turns the plans into concrete actions. The workdocs also include board connectors, a real-time engine, tagging, live updates, auto-save, checklists, numerous editors, and user-friendly editors in addition to the document itself.

Integrations: It helps users to combine many tools in one location so they don’t have to switch between them for various tasks. The CRM, marketing, software department, and project management systems may all be integrated here. It offers a very straightforward process for integrating or connecting the apps with only one click. You can handle all of your marketing requirements in one location and consolidate your whole sales pipeline thanks to these capabilities.


Automations: The teams’ productivity can increase thanks to this aspect of automation. They can establish alert updates for work completion and schedule messages to be sent at the appropriate time later. They may operate more effectively and save their valuable time by being more current. By offering capabilities like the addition of a location, formula, time monitoring, tags, status, and much more, it enables you to tailor the team duties.


Dashboards: By giving users the ability to quickly see or check how things stand thanks to tools for building personalized dashboards, they aid in collaborative management. You may run reports at a glance or follow the progress of projects, schedules, and budgets using the dashboard. It cleverly facilitates team collaboration by coordinating the entire team in one location to work toward the same goal. They can share files, utilize tools to prioritize projects, keep track of progress, and do many other things. All of your workloads, views, and automation can be centralized here.


Kanban you can automate tedious tasks, produce high-quality work more quickly, and maintain control over your workload. The program is simple to use, completely configurable, and scalable. It presents facts in a simple and clear format for decision-making. By automating the repetitive procedures, centralizing communication updates, monitoring iterations and backlogs, and assessing the team’s progress toward each milestone, it aids in workflow and communication management.


Gantt: It makes project monitoring, planning, and execution visually accessible. It keeps track of deadlines so you can finish your task on schedule. It enables you to input data from Excel and transforms it into visually appealing Gantt charts. It aids in enhancing team cooperation, enabling you to keep updated from any location, concentrate on the tasks that matter, and integrate with your preferred tools.

Pros and Cons


  • A variety of ready-made templates make it quick to start a task or project.
  • Shows the layout of where the project is, through dashboards or charts.
  • Every team member can access the software.
  • It facilitates flexibility in the project through various column types and view types including Kanban, Gantt, table, and more.
  • Provides a facility for doing multiple tasks simultaneously on the same software through grouping.
  • Visually pleasing work through dashboards increases efficiency in the work.
  • The automation feature keeps users on track by generating alerts and notifications from time to time.
  • It provides an easy-to-follow interface with easy tutorials.
  • It facilitates the collaboration of global teams by providing them access to comment, download, or edit the tasks.
  • They provide 24/7 customer support to increase the utility of the software so that the user may use it to the fullest.


  • Absence of features in the Basic plan: Some essential features like integrations and automation are absent in the basic plan as reported by certain users.
  • Integration issues: Some essential software integrations like Canvas, ActiveCampaign, etc., are absent.

Monitoring your workflows and procedures is only the tip of’s iceberg. You can manage your teams, oversee your portfolio, and arrange for seamless team cooperation using its agile, adaptable platform. Pricing

There are four different price tiers for this program. For a varied number of users, each plan offers a unique set of benefits. For all plans, it offers an infinite number of boards and workflows.

without requiring a credit card, it offers free downloads. Users who choose to pay their bills annually receive a discount of 18%, and monthly payers are subject to the standard rate. A 14-day free trial is also available.

  • Individual: Unlimited free. Limitless boards and documents, 200+ templates, 20+ column kinds, compatibility for iOS and Android, and unlimited for up to 2 team members are included.
  • Standard: $10 per month for each user. It comes with all the capabilities offered in the individual plan in addition to extras like customer support, integrations, and automation of up to 250 activities. It also comes with a dashboard with five boards.
  • Pro: $16 each month per user. It contains all the capabilities offered by the basic plan in addition to integrations and automation that can handle up to 25,000 actions per month, private boards and documents, chart views, formula columns, time tracking, dependency columns, and a dashboard with the option of 10 boards.
  • Enterprise: For pricing, get in touch. All of the features offered by the Pro plan are also included, along with unlimited enterprise-level automation and integration, enterprise-level security and governance, advanced analytics and reporting, multi-level permissions, tailored onboarding, premium support, and a dashboard with up to 50 boards.

Alternatives and Competitors of

  • Project Insight

It is a project management tool that offers automation, REST API, integrations, and other features to assist users in managing projects, workflows, and procedures all in one location.

It aids in project management as well as portfolio organization and data insight creation. Time monitoring, project requests, intelligent scheduling, project templates, problem tracking, approvals, and other services are among those it offers.

  • TeamGantt

It is project management software that allows users to schedule and oversee projects using Gantt charts. Popular companies like Nike, Netflix, and Amazon among others utilize it. Fast drag-and-drop scheduling on charts is made possible, teams are kept up to date, time monitoring is used to save time, and much more.

Numerous crucial functions are offered, including drag-and-drop, team administration, simple collaboration, organizing, views, reports, time tracking, and others.

  • Trello

Trello gives customers the tools they need to effectively collaborate and manage projects with their team through a variety of features. To arrange chores, it offers a variety of boards, lists, and cards.

Its automation tool assists with task scheduling, highlighting deadlines, generating custom buttons, and other tasks. Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Confluence, and Evernote are just a few of the programs it can interact with.

Monitoring your workflows and procedures is only the tip of’s iceberg. You can manage your teams, oversee your portfolio, and arrange for seamless team cooperation using its agile, adaptable platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I use project management on Monday? the project management tool is the best. When it comes to team tasks that are added to each project, enables quick and highly configurable management. It is incredibly simple to monitor job progress and evaluate each team member’s performance with

  • Is a PPM tool?

Fortunately for you, a Work OS like may provide all of a PPM platform’s advantages and more. Therefore, test for free with no credit card required if you’re ready to boost your portfolio management skills.

  • Is Monday com better than Excel?

Automation is the primary distinction between and Excel. Although Excel has an automation feature, it is quite restricted in comparison to what can offer.

  • Can you manage multiple projects with Monday com?

For instance, you may manage numerous projects concurrently under one board and keep track of modifications with the powerful project management template from

  • Is Monday com a CRM? is a top CRM software for small to medium-sized enterprises and above. Unlike a conventional CRM, which overwhelms you right away, is user-friendly. You can view your sales funnel and track every step of the customer experience in one place with’s extremely adaptable sales CRM.

  • What is the difference between trello and Monday?

Even while Trello has a useful free plan, you must pay for all of’s options, each of which accommodates five users: Simple ($49/month) — Consists includes five gigabytes of storage, over 20 column kinds, iOS and Android apps, limitless boards, and a one-week activity log.

  • Is Monday easy to use? features a user-friendly interface that is both contemporary and appealing. However, could be more competitive given that comparable applications provide a free tier of service and more comprehensible subscription alternatives.

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