10 Best Apps Like Klarna 2022

Klarna is one of the most widely used online payment services, and for good reason. It allows customers to pay in installments, which are deducted automatically from their bank account or credit card.

Klarna’s advantages are particularly apparent on e-commerce sites, where it improves conversion rates by making the checkout procedure far more accessible than traditional methods like PayPal or a credit card.

While Klarna and other similar services have successfully disrupted the e-commerce business, no one has yet been able to properly replicate them.

However, there are a variety of other payment processing options to consider if you want to create a simple shopping experience for your consumers or establish your own business and need a cost-effective and dependable way to accept payments.

Best Apps Like Klarna

These 15 applications are comparable to Klarna, but they offer distinct terms and conditions to let you enjoy the greatest online buying experience. Take a peek; you’ll almost certainly find an app that suits your buying preferences!

1. Paymentwall

PayPal’s in-store and mobile payment capabilities are now being used by a growing number of e-commerce sites.

But, if you’re currently using Klarna to handle your store’s sales, why add another intermediary when you already have applications like Klarna?

Paywall, a prominent European payment provider, has a solid reputation for smooth transactions: rather than collecting a percentage fee on each sale, Paywall charges a flat cost per transaction.

In other words, Paymentwall will charge you $1000 even if you generate $1 million on Black Friday sales but only sell 1 thing every 10 minutes.

There are no monthly fees or setup fees; only an up-front processing charge that varies between 2 and 6% depending on the amount of money you’ve earned in total transactions.

2. Quadpay

If you own an e-commerce store, you’re probably searching for a way to take payments online.

If that’s the case, Quadpay, a similar software to Klarna, might be the answer. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may use the platform to get a simple, fast, and cost-effective payment gateway that can handle any transaction.

Rather than utilizing traditional payment methods like credit cards, wherein both buyers and sellers incur expenses.

Quadpay connects with a variety of third-party payment methods, such as PayPal and iDeal, to make transactions in common currencies like Euros and US dollars as simple as possible.

3. Easyship

Easyship is one of my favorite shipping APIs, and it has all of your regular shipping options as well as several premium ones. It’s a good alternative to applications like Klarna.

Even if you don’t have a merchant account, their interface with PayPal allows you to take payments through your business.

Easyship integrates your inventory and items into your checkout process, allowing you to buy a product or service online and pay over time.

You may pay for your purchase in three, six, nine, or twelve months, or pick the 36-month option. The longer you have to pay off your purchase, the lower your interest rate will be.

4. Affirm

Affirm is a comparable shopping platform to Klarna that allows you to pay off your purchases more quickly.

You may pay at your own speed with Affirm, but you’ll always know how much you’ll have to pay and when you’ll have to pay it off. Affirm, on the other hand, does not contain any hidden or late fees.

Affirm is a popular check-out option at big-name retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, Expedia Hotels, and other online retailers, but you can also use it in stores if you buy an Affirm Debit+ card.

5. Sunbit

Sunbit is a similar shopping app that helps you take care of your daily and most necessary shopping needs. Klarna is great for online shopping of items and things you might not necessarily need at that exact moment, but Sunbit is a similar shopping app that helps you take care of your daily and most necessary shopping needs.

All orders are approved in 30 seconds, and you may use Sunbit both online and offline. You can carry Sunbit with you everywhere you go and have it with you anytime you buy thanks to the super-light app.

To get started with Sunbit, all you need is one of the legal documents to prove your identification. Then Sunbit will give you a pre-approval for a particular amount of money.

6. ViaBill

Customers may pay for online purchases using these applications, such as Klarna and ViaBill, which cost a $5 monthly membership.

People can opt-in and out of ViaBill’s services as needed. When paying off your debt, ViaBook has a benefit over other similar products in that it does not charge interest or impose fees.

You pay for what you purchased at a later period, and you can do so by either paying directly from your bank account or sending an email.

If you’re not sure where to send an email, the latter option allows you to write one right from their site.

7. GoCardless

GoCardless is an app similar to Klarna, a UK-based electronic direct debit service that allows anybody to easily collect payments straight from their customers’ bank accounts.

Customers of GoCardless pay a portion of each sale processed by the company, which provides a viable alternative to PayPal for businesses.

There are no costs for opening up an account or adding a new client, unlike Paypal—unless your consumers pay beyond the due date (in which case you will be charged about 2 percent of late payment).

One significant disadvantage is that you can’t withdraw money to your bank account until it reaches £1,000 (about $1,600), which can take up to seven days.

8. Afterpay

Amazon’s Afterpay service has grown in popularity in just two years due to its basic but effective offering: anyone may buy anything without using a credit card. Let’s imagine you’re looking for a new television on Amazon.

Instead of paying $600 for a new television on the spot at your local electronics store, you may utilize Afterpay to spread your payment over four months.

There is no interest or hidden fees; instead, consumers pay a nominal cost on each installment payment—typically about 2%.

9. Zebit

Zebit is more than just a shopping app like Klarna; it’s a comprehensive marketplace where you can browse for major brands and thousands of goods that you can buy now and pay later.

You may obtain up to $2,500 in credit from Zebit to spend on anything in the Zebit marketplace. And the amount you see at check-out is the total you’ll have to pay in the long run.

There are no hidden costs, no credit checks that might harm your credit score, and the application is simple and quick.

Even though you’ll have to pay a 20% to 30% down payment, you’ll be able to spread the remainder of the cost over six months and up to 12 installments.

10. Venue

Venue is another versatile platform that includes a marketplace and a shopping app that help you purchase now and pay over time. Of course, this shopping app is only valid if you purchase products from Venue’s marketplace. But with the wide range of products, including top brands, you won’t ever have to use any other marketplace.

With special financing, you can pay for your orders in six or twelve months, which is a much longer time frame than most other shopping apps. And if you make all your payments on time and within the chosen timeframe, you won’t have to pay any interest at all.


With so many applications comparable to Klarna, it’s quite easy to locate one that better suits your needs.

Zip is the most similar software to Klarna since it works virtually identically to Klarna but has reduced late fees, can be used for in-store transactions, and comes with a super-intuitive interface that helps you keep track of your spending and money.

However, each app has its own set of financing options and may be utilized by a variety of retailers. That is why it is critical to test each of these applications before deciding on one, as one app may not suit everyone’s needs equally.

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