5 Apps to Make Money by Sharing Your Internet

Are you aware that you may generate passive income by selling internet bandwidth?

This is the ideal approach to make money if you have an unlimited data plan and believe a lot of internet bandwidth is being wasted.

How does it work?

To share bandwidth, you must install an application on your phone or computer and keep it running in the background. Those that buy it will be able to use it anytime they wish.

The amount you earn is influenced by your location, the number of IP addresses, and network speed.

1. IPRoyal

IPRoyal is a brand-new website that few people are familiar with. Despite the fact that it is claimed by various bloggers to be the greatest website for selling internet bandwidth.

For each GB of shared data, they pay $0.20.
The user experience on the website is simple.

Additionally, because the website is relatively unknown, you will have a higher chance of sharing more bandwidth.

IPRoayl Pawns lets you redeem your earnings for:

With the sign-up bonus and greater payout-per-gigabyte, IPRoyal Pawns may provide you with a decent monthly passive income.

The amount you get for your unused internet is determined by your location and the length of time you keep the app running.

Earn money by sharing bandwidth with IPRoyal Pawns!


FluidStack is a CDN that distributes material to consumers from adjacent networks to improve page load speeds and overall user experience. It is one of the younger companies in the bandwidth purchasing sector.

FluidStack’s software will identify when your computer is idle and use your bandwidth/CPU to provide content when you sign up and install their software.

The fact that FluidStack uses your CPU rather than your GPU helps to reduce power consumption, and the entire point of their platform is to only use your computer when it’s idle and to limit the amount of power you consume.

In general, here is how its bandwidth speed to payout ratio works:

  • >10MB/s upload speed – $5/month
  • Faster speeds – $10 per 100MB/s
  • 200 MB/s upload speed – $20/month

Fluidstack pays out per GPU and enables multi-GPU computers. Fluidstack also promises a monthly consumption of 10% or less to assist reduce power expenditures.

Fluidstack is an amazing method to generate passive income by renting your bandwidth if you have a GPU on your CPU and don’t mind running Linux (or already do).

Checkout our Fluidstack review for all the latest info



PacketStream is another option to make money by selling internet data.

Users can join PacketStream’s network from anywhere in the globe, as long as they have a residential IP address.

As the program runs in the background of your computer, you earn $0.10 per GB if you sell your internet bandwidth through packet stream.

PacketStream charges $1.00 per GB, however free services like TOR effectively allow users to access the web anonymously as well. According to what I’ve gathered, PacketStream is currently weak on the purchase side, therefore your profits will be slow and consistent.

According to PacketStream, its primary customers are enterprises who need to test online applications/ads without risking IP blocks or discovery (which is pretty common with VPNs).

PacketStream is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and rewards are made through PayPal after you hit $5.

Earn money by sharing bandwidth with PACKETSTREAM Pawns!


Honeygain is a handy and excellent web service for selling internet bandwidth around the world. For every 10 Mb of data you share, you get one credit.

You must have 20,000 credits, which is equal to $20, in order to check out the payment.

They started collecting less bandwidth from each individual as their popularity grew. For every 10 GB of data you share, you get $1.

This website also offers a $5 welcome bonus. They also have a referral program that allows you to make a little more money by referring others.

On their website, you can also calculate your monthly profits.

Earn money by sharing bandwidth with HONEYGAIN Pawns!

4. Peer2profit

Another amazing peer-to-peer bandwidth-sharing network is Peer2profit. You may earn anything from $6 to $75 every month. Keep in mind that the bigger your network is, the more money you’ll make. This is one of the greatest ways to share network bandwidth throughout the world.

They offer a referral scheme as well. They pay roughly $100 for every 30 referrals. They accept a variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, WebMoney, and others.

Earn money by sharing bandwidth with Peer2profit Pawns!

5. Nanowire

Nanowire can also be used to share bandwidth in a network. It’s a cryptocurrency project. As a result, instead of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or PayPal, you will be compensated in Nano money.

They pay $ 0.50 in Nano cash for every 1 GB of bandwidth you sell. Nanowire lets you create as many asynchronous proxies as you wish and provides a SOCKS5 address to each one.

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