Best 5 Tools You Need to Rock Your B2B Sales Process

Selling is all about continuously reaching the figures. Today, though, getting to your figures fast is more vital. Sales reps employ a variety of sales tools available on the market to boost their statistics. Some are free, while others are charged, but they all provide significant value to the sales process.

It’s a waste of time, money, and effort to invest in a random sales tool. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 sales tools you should be familiar with in order to increase your B2B sales. However, let us briefly review the relevance of the top 21st-century sales tools.

This article provides an overview of the finest sales tools for creating and managing a B2B sales process. They’ll assist you in taking your sales process to the next level and provide you with additional information about your consumer base.

You’ll have a greater chance of shaping your sales strategy and creating a solid sales funnel if you know your target clients well.

We’ll start with proposal software and work our way up to a product that helps you manage communication throughout the whole sales funnel. We’ll then move on to software that aids in the management of an incoming call center. We’ll also show you software that can handle your email marketing and a CRM that can help you manage your complete sales pipeline.

1. Better Proposals

better proposals homepage

Your sales process will be revolutionized if you use dependable proposal software. If you’re still submitting PDFs and putting off starting a new proposal because the procedure is intimidating, you’ll appreciate all the alternatives Better Proposals provides.

The program allows you to select from a huge number of prewritten templates appropriate for any sector. If you wish to make your own, the editor makes it simple because it doesn’t require any prior design knowledge.

You may keep a specific section of your proposal in your content library and reuse it in your next proposal instead of copying and pasting large blocks of text. Apart from producing proposals, Better Proposals also allows you to maintain and transmit them as a secure landing page.

This gives your proposal a more professional appearance and prevents your email from being flagged as spam by your client’s email system. Better Proposals’ proposal AI evaluates your proposal to previous successful proposals that have been sent out, signed, and paid and tells you what needs to be changed.

The proposal analytics will tell you when your proposal was opened, who opened it, on what device, and how long they spent on each section. This makes it simple to follow up because you’ll know what your client’s issue is.

The proposals are legal papers that may be signed with a digital signature, which converts your typed name into an electronic signature. Finally, customers may pay you directly from the proposal using one of three payment methods: Stripe, PayPal, or GoCardless.

better proposals quote

Sign up for a free trial today and see for yourself! After the trial period, you may select from three monthly options starting at $19.

2. Intercom

intercom homepage

Intercom is a popular customer interaction technology that provides conversational customer assistance. The tool’s principal function is to assist you in developing relationships with your consumers. It may also be utilized to provide product tours and help at every stage of the sales process.

It elevates live chat to a new level, with versions for your website, mobile app, and more. This method makes it easier for clients to approach you and handle their issues, resulting in greater repeat business.

Intercom attempts to actually alter your sales process away from delivering bulk communications to potential clients and seeing what sticks, and toward a customer-level model based on a personalized approach, which is what customers demand.

You can observe who your customers are and what they want from you with Intercom. You can track, filter, and segment them depending on relevant data. You may collect corporate data, such as their business kind and location, as well as behavioral data, which will allow you to target consumers based on activities they made or did not take on your app.

You may also track bespoke data specific to your company, such as a pricing strategy or product category. Furthermore, Intercom may be used for conversational marketing. It enables you to generate more leads from your website automatically.

In real-time, the bots assist you in qualifying, routing, and scheduling meetings and conversations with the most promising leads. Engage once you’ve identified the most potential leads.

intercom functionalities

3. CloudTalk

cloudtalk homepage

CloudTalk is one of the top business VoIP services for all of your VoIP needs. It allows you to make calls using your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other device you want. It enables you to set up a call center business regardless of where you or your staff are situated.

CloudTalk allows you to keep a local presence while using an international phone number, making your contact center simple to create and administer. You have the option of establishing a customer assistance or a sales center.

CloudTalk Support is simple and straightforward. Everything you need is in one location, making it simple to manage client contacts and increase productivity.

That way, you’ll never be charged for an incoming contact, and you’ll have a history of previous encounters to help your agents make calls and put your clients at rest.

The tool’s sales call center features a power dialer that handles all of the heavy lifting, allowing your agents to focus on the quality of their conversations. It also enables for live coaching, which allows supervisors to jump on calls and decide whether to interrupt or assist the agent.

The sales reporting dashboard provides all of the data required by larger enterprises with sophisticated demands. It displays which agents have the highest conversion rates, the ideal time to call, and the number of calls made.

CloudTalk Integrations

CloudTalk may be coupled with your CRM, E-commerce platforms, sales tools, and other technologies to help you perfect and streamline your sales process.

You may select from four different packages, beginning at 20€. All options provide an unlimited number of users and include one free local number. The distinctions arise when it comes to storage and the cost of outgoing calls.

4. Mailshake

mailshake homepage

Mailshake is an excellent tool for all of your cold outreach needs. It enables you to connect with more prospects, schedule more meetings, and close more deals. Its most common applications include sending cold emails at scale, engaging with prospects through phone and social media, and providing an easy method to manage it all from a single dashboard.

Mailshake allows you to create an automated omnichannel outreach machine, making it simple to simplify your sales process and justifying the removal of a slew of products that only help with a portion of the process.

A fantastic feature Mailshake provides customised cold emailing on a large scale. It allows you to mail merge, track clicks, opens, and responses, and provides sending controls.

MailShake Quote

It also allows you to split your leads based on their temperature. A lead with 0-1 openings is classified as cold, a lead with numerous opens or clicks is classified as warm, and a lead with many opens, clicks, and responses is classified as hot.

If no action is made on a lead for an extended period of time, its temperature will fall. This is all given with simple images that will help you comprehend the situation with each customer in your sales funnel right away.

These capabilities will help you save time and focus on the quality of your text and other aspects of your profession that cannot be automated. Through Zapier, Mailshake provides native connections with Salesforce and any other application you need.

Mailshake offers two packages: one focuses on email outreach and costs $59 per user per month, while the other focuses on sales interaction and costs $99 per user per month.

5. Cooper CRM

copper crm homepage

We’re sure you already understand the value of a decent CRM — it allows you to manage your whole sales funnel by organizing your emails, conversations, files, and notes on each contact for a complete picture of your relationship history with each customer.

Automation of spreadsheets has never been easier, and Cooper CRM is recommended for all of your CRM needs. It ensures that no data is lost and reduces the time required to input and arrange it.

Copper advises adding current people you’ve been contacting to your list so you don’t lose sight of them. It automatically pulls in contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and even social media accounts.

To better understand where your business is coming from, you may categorize, filter, and sort your leads and customers by any criterion. This allows you to target more targeted clients while also analyzing team behavior.

The better you understand your leads, the more likely they are to convert. That is why it is critical to study prior successful sales and plan how to approach future ones.

When it comes to extras, you may keep track of your sales representatives to determine who is the best performer in terms of income, meetings booked, calls made, and emails sent. Lead creation is additionally simplified by the ability to capture, nurture, and convert more leads directly from Gmail.

Once you’ve tracked leads and prepared for sales management, you may use structured insights to expand your firm automatically.

Copper CRM Functionalities

Cooper CRM also helps you to build and develop sales phases, anticipate future income, identify issue areas in your funnel, qualify leads in your sales funnel, use sales workflow to automate laborious and repetitive operations, and much more.

You may also report and manage opportunities in several currencies, as well as get real-time currency conversions.

Cooper CRM pricing is divided into three categories. The basic one is $25 per month per user, the professional one is $59 per month per user, and the business one is $119 per month per user.


When it comes to digital marketing, the last thing any company wants to do is waste time and dollars trying an infinite number of sales tools in the hopes of finding one that works. Not only are the functions of a tool vital, but so is the way it interfaces with your existing ones.

Because your agents will have to upload information and familiarize themselves with the new interface when switching to a new tool, it is critical to locate a great fit.

Our list covers every stage of the sales process, and all of the tools function well together. It’s critical to have dependable proposal writing and sending software, as well as a CRM, customer interaction tool, VoIP tool, and cold emailing outreach tool.

Incorporate these technologies into your sales process to reap the benefits of automation, which will give you more time to focus on the critical things that will set you apart from the competition.

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