The Best Streaming Software (For Twitch and YouTube) of 2022

Choosing the correct streaming software is critical to your company’s success. The possibilities, which range from Twitch to YouTube, might be daunting, which is why the finest streaming software can assist you in achieving your objectives. I selected and reviewed the 7+ top streaming software in this guide so you can choose the best one for you.

The market for live streaming has been rapidly expanding over the previous few years. The value of space will be roughly $223.98 billion by 2028.

Every day, more digital consumers are substituting streaming experiences for television and radio to keep up with the events and stories that matter to them. We’ve grown reliant on streaming as a source of information and pleasure, perhaps even more so since the outbreak.

You’ll need a fantastic concept, an engaging personality, and a lot of time if you want to take advantage of this rapidly changing terrain. Above all, you’ll require the greatest streaming software.

You can’t immediately start broadcasting from your game console or laptop. Your PC does not come pre-installed with software to access services like Twitch.


#Best streaming software overall

With the ability to broadcast and record live and pre-recorded videos, as well as distribute them to over 40 social media networks, OneStream is the best overall streaming software.

You may record and plan your broadcasts on social media platforms up to 60 days in advance using pre-recorded streaming.

You may use OneStream in conjunction with other streaming solutions for live streaming. Set up this tool and begin multicasting:

You may integrate live broadcasts into your website, add captions and subtitles for added clarity, and even try online storage connectors like Dropbox and Google Drive.

There are no program installations necessary, and features include playlist streaming, custom RTMP streaming, and a variety of upload choices. You may also use live chat to engage with your audience.


  • Excellent live chat and team management engagement
  • No software installations required, and a range of upload options
  • Captions and subtitles for playlist clarity
  • Custom RTMP and embed options
  • Integrations with over 40 social media channels


  • Can take some getting used to for beginners
  • Can get expensive depending on how much you stream

Key Features:

  • Stream to over 40 platforms and schedule posts up to 60 days in advance.
  • Team management lets you multiple team members in one account.
  • No software installation needed.
  • Multiple upload options, including files, camera, and screen shares.
  • Custom RTMP streaming using a server URL and stream key.


OneStream provides four pricing options:

  • Free – unlimited streaming, no multi-casting, 5 minutes max per stream, 1 social account, 5 GB max file size.
  • Basic ($10 per month) – unlimited streaming, pre-recorded multi-casting, 15 minutes max per stream, 5 GB max file size.
  • Standard ($39 per month/Best Value) – unlimited streaming, pre-recorded and real-time multicasting, one-hour max/recorded stream, unlimited file size.
  • Professional ($89 per month) – unlimited streaming, pre-recorded and real-time multicasting, 8 hours max/recorded stream, unlimited file size.

2. Restream

# Best for Professionals

Restream is a cloud-based video streaming service that allows you to stream videos to over 30 platforms at once, including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. They also provide native interaction with popular streaming applications such as XSplit, OBS Studio, Elgato, and others.

It’s also one of the few streaming services that supports “Real-time Platform and Channel Toggling.” This means you can change and add new channels without having to stop your broadcast or restart your encoder while you’re “On Air.”

My for one of the best streaming software is Restream. Share your video broadcast to many locations to reach as many people as possible. Video transcoding and live chat assistance are among the platform’s capabilities that might help you enhance your streaming. You may also utilize Restream to produce live events or schedule pre-recorded movies.

Furthermore, Restream includes a number of other tools to assist you in promoting and analyzing your live broadcasts.

You may, for example, utilize the Restream Events tool to plan and publicize your forthcoming stream ahead of time to generate anticipation. For the time being, though, this functionality is only available on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

They also allow you to track the progress of your live broadcast across many platforms from a single dashboard. You can see which parts of your broadcast are the most popular, as well as the peak time, total number of viewers, viewed minutes sorted by platforms, and more.


  • Create multiple channels on a single platform. 
  • A built-in amplifier to stream from whenever you want. 
  • Track your frame drops, bitrate, and frames per second (FPS). 
  • Update metadata of all streams from a single point. 
  • Automatic alerts to notify viewers on Facebook, Discord, and Twitter.  
  • Add a CTA button to your live stream. 
  • Allow viewers from different platforms to chat with each other. 
  • Hide nasty and rude words in the chat box. 

Pricing Plans: 

Restream comes with five plans (including one free plan and four paid plans). 

  • Free – No pre-recorded video streaming, no video uploads, no video storage, no stream recording.
  • Standard ($16 per month) – No pre-recorded video streaming, no video uploads, no video storage, six hours/stream max stream recording.
  • Professional ($41 per month) – Pre-recorded video streaming, max 1 hour/2Gb video uploads, ability to store 10 videos, 10 hours/stream max stream recording.
  • Premium ($83 per month) – Pre-recorded video streaming, max 2 hours/5Gb video uploads, ability to store 25 videos, 20 hours/stream max stream recording.
  • Business ($249 per month) – Pre-recorded video streaming, max 4 hours/10Gb video uploads, ability to store 50 videos, 20 hours/stream max stream recording.

Try Restream risk free for 7 days.

3. XSplit Broadcaster

# Best streaming software for console gameplay

XSplit broadcaster is a live streaming tool for capturing live streaming gameplay, recordings, and more. It allows you to start sharing your gaming abilities with the rest of the world in seconds. Unlike some other live streaming software, XSplit also includes a variety of useful features such as live chat, recent event notifications, and stat tracking to help you create a relationship with your viewers.

You may use a projector mode to show several screens to devices connected to your PC’s graphics unit. XSplit makes streaming easier by taking care of the encoding requirements for you.

NVIDIA NVENC options allow you to fine-tune your settings for optimal performance and quality. There’s also an easy-to-use editing interface where you can quickly add contribution trains, follower notifications, tip areas, and other features.


  • Stream and record in 4K with no lag
  • Excellent connections to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube chat
  • Custom transitions and branded stream components
  • Live illustrations and annotations


  • Runs only on Windows
  • May require additional plugins for full functionality

Key Features:

  • Scene Preview Editor – Edit video scenes before live broadcasting them.
  • NVIDIA NVENC – Use NVENC options to customize your settings for optimal quality and performance.
  • Intuitive Editor – Easily add subscriber goals, donation trains, events lists, followers alerts, tips cups, etc. to make your live stream stand out.

More features:

  • You can stream and record in 4k at 60fps.
  • Broadcast simultaneously to multiple streaming devices.
  • XSplit supports Twitch Chat, Facebook Chat, and YouTube Chat Widgets.
  • Add custom stinger transitions or use multiple preloaded transition styles.
  • Use Whiteboard and Stream Annotations for illustrations and live analysis.
  • Use the live status display to gauge the number of subscribers, new followers, bits, super chats, cheers, and more.

The pro version starts at $2.50 per month. There’s also a free plan for limited features.

Get started with XSplit Broadcaster.

4. streamlab

# Best for live streamers and businesses looking for an open-source solution (Free).

Streamlabs OBS is a cloud-based Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook streaming tool. It has hundreds of stream overlays, themes, and files to let you properly modify your live streams. For example, for a live stream event, you can use “Be Right Back” and “Starting Soon” screens.

Streamlabs OBS has its own app store, where you can get access to a variety of supplementary tools for things like multiplatform broadcasting, in-depth statistics, and streaming automation. You may also use the Streamlabs website to incorporate things like alert boxes, objectives, and alerts.


  • Available as a free streaming software
  • Easy customization options with merge, split, and multi-screen
  • Monetization options for passive income creation
  • Video stabilization and editing features


  • Can be quite basic without the premium toolkit
  • Requires the use of various addons

It also comes with an app store that offers 46 apps to help you with:

  • Achieve more automation
  • Powerful and in-depth analytics
  • Multiple ways of interactions with viewers
  • Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously

Key Features:

  • Streamlabs Dashboard – You can use the dashboard to make adjustments through a few clicks to the alert box. You can manage all the elements without having to open the browser.
  • Widget Themes – Choose specific widgets for different broadcasts. Also, each theme’s settings get saved separately to help you easily switch from one theme to another.
  • Themed Visual Layouts – It provides themes for specific games and genres. Themes also help you deliver a more immersive experience through effects, animations, and graphics.


  • Available for free.
  • Instantly live stream or record through “Go Live” and “Record” buttons.
  • Easily split, merge, or stream with multi-screen.
  • It provides powerful monetization tools to help you earn passive income.
  • You can use speed adjustment and video stabilization to control the quality of your broadcast.
  • Monitor the performance of your live streams through key performance metrics like viewer count and new subscribers.


Streamlabs is a free and open-source streaming solution by Streamlabs. However, for $12 a month, it offers a premium toolbox for professionals (billed annually).

Free applications, professionally created themes and widgets, mobile streaming, a custom domain, and more premium features are available.

5. OBS Studio

# Best free open-source streaming software

(Open Broadcaster Software) OBS Studio is another open-source, cross-platform streaming and recording platform. It enables you to edit, capture, and mix high-quality video and audio in real time.

Multiple sources, such as text, window grabs, photos, cameras, capture cards, and browser windows, may be used to build highly customizable sceneries.

Using custom transitions, the open-source software also allows you to flip between an endless number of scenes throughout the broadcast. You may also use its competent audio mixer, which includes noise suppression, noise gate, and gain pre-source filters. It also supports VST plugins, giving you complete control over your audio.


  • Studio mode and multi-view features for checking and tracking content
  • Powerful API integration with various plugins
  • High level of customization with modular UI
  • Compatible with all operating systems


Key Features:

  • Modular ‘Dock’ UI – Easily rearrange the layout to align with your branding requirements. You can even pop out all the individual Dock windows for greater customization.
  • Hotkeys – Set up hotkeys for almost every action like starting/stopping streams or recordings, switching between scenes, muting audio sources, etc.
  • Studio Mode – Instantly preview your scenes and sources for last-minute adjustments. You can even create a new scene right before making your content live.


  • Use the ‘Multiview’ feature to monitor 8 different scenes simultaneously. You can even transition or give cues to them through a single or double click.
  • It offers a powerful API for integration with numerous plugins and scripts. It also ensures high customization and functionality.
  • Use customizable transitions to switch between different scenes swiftly. You can also embed your stinger video.
  • It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • You get a resource section to explore an unlimited number of additional features.
  • Automatically changes the streaming Video Bitrate based on your upload speed.


OBS Studio is a free streaming platform.

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