15 easy Quotes Making Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Best Quotes Making Apps for iPhone and iPad

Discover the finest iPhone Quoting Apps. To make your list, compare product reviews and features.

1. Recite

Recite is the first of my iPhone quote-making applications. Recite is an app that allows you to create quotations, posters, and typography.

Recite is a great tool for designing posters and typography since it has a collection of over 100 typefaces and capabilities for adding text to photographs.

You may either use the built-in text generator or type your own quotations in the program. To acquire the ideal appearance for your quotation, you may select from a variety of font types and alter their size and color.

Once you’ve finished creating your quotation, you may email it or store it to your camera roll to share with other applications like Instagram or Facebook Live!

2. Photo quote maker

Photo quote creator is a straightforward program that allows you to combine photographs with text in a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors. Adding backdrop colors to your text and applying effects to your photographs is simple.

You may also use graphs or lines to create an infographic-style visual that conveys a story in one image. This software is available for free on the Apple App Store.

3. Photoquotes

Photoquotes is a fun software that allows you to make your own quotes. Make your phrase using a variety of fonts and colors, then post it on social media or send it to friends!

The design is simple to use and includes a feature for producing memes. If you don’t want to utilize the Google Play Store first, the app also offers a direct download link to the Apple App Store. This is the third app on my list of iPhone applications for producing quotations.

4. Instaquotes

Instaquotes is a picture editing tool that allows you to add text to your images. Quotes may be added to your images and shared with others.

Multiple photos can be added to a single quotation. Share your quote on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

Create your quotations from start, use the built-in camera to snap a photo, pick from your current collection of pictures or capture new ones from within the app, or import images from Instagram (via third-party integration).

You can also add text to any portion of the image, alter fonts and colors, tweak design aspects like shadows, and distort the image somewhat using various Instaquotes effects to give it a vintage appearance.

5. Quote maker

Quote creator allows you to upload your own photographs or utilize those given by the program. It also comes with a variety of typefaces to pick from.

Quote Maker is a fantastic software for making quotations and sharing them on social media.

It’s simple to create eye-catching quotations in no time with hundreds of themes, fonts, backgrounds, and filters to select from!

Create Instagram captions, Facebook posts, or tweets with unique typography/fonts, use your own photos or choose from over 1 million stock images, choose from over 100+ backgrounds (or create your own), adjust font size and spacing (useful if you have large text), and add filters on top of the image to enhance its appearance with Quote Maker.

6. Quote maker

Quote Maker is a feature-rich program that may assist you in creating attractive and trendy Instagram quotes.

It gives you access to a large selection of quotations from which you may choose or add your own words to the photographs.

Users may only download one image at a time in the free edition, whereas the subscription version supports numerous photographs and allows users to utilize premium typefaces.

More than 50 typefaces in various styles, sizes, and colors are available in this top app from my list of Quote creating applications for iPhone.

7. Flipagram

Flipagram® – Music Video Maker & Editor with Photos, Songs & Slideshow Maker is the fifth app on my list for creating quotes.

Making films using this software is a breeze. It lets you make a movie out of your images, add text and music to it, and edit it if necessary. Another fantastic feature of this software is that it allows you to post them on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook!

It also contains a number of tools that allow you to save your work so that it isn’t lost if something goes wrong or the program dies.

8. Story: Story Maker

This is a free story editor that makes it simple to create Instagram stories.

StoryArt is the go-to app for your Instagram needs, with hundreds of story templates, new templates uploaded daily, and a collection of word art, picture effects, and photo collage function.

It also has several fantastic features, such as:

Templates: Thousands of Instagram stories exist already, but if you don’t want to use one, StoryArt allows you to make your own templates based on their system or start from scratch completely without using any pre-made templates!

Collections: The collections function allows users to browse for ideas for tales they can create without having to sift through hundreds of them.

9. Over by Potluck

For those who like to add text and artwork to their images, Over by Potluck is a fantastic application. Over makes it simple to create and preserve unique typefaces, as well as text, art, stickers, and backdrops. When you’re satisfied with your design, post it on all of your favorite social media sites.

10. Canva

Canva is a website for visual design tools that were created in 2012. It has a drag-and-drop interface with over a million pictures, graphics, and fonts to choose from.

It is used by both professionals and non-designers. Users may design websites, social media postings, presentations, and invites with Canva.

Canva users may also edit current designs by adding text and photos or create new ones from start using the app’s templates. What a fantastic app! Enjoy this top app from my list of iPhone quote makers.

11. Typorama

Typorama is a multi-featured text-on-photo program. You can generate great text layouts automatically, which you may tweak to your desire, or manually modify the photographs.

Many typefaces and aesthetic filters are free, including Apple’s well-known Light Leak Effect, which it uses in its advertising campaigns.

With a few clicks, you can add text to images and publish them on social media! Enjoy this top app from my list of iPhone quote makers.

12. Font Candy

This program allows you to create fantastic text on photo creations and share them with others. Typography is an excellent method to include gorgeous text into your photographs.

Our typographic photo editor allows you to add text to photographs, making it the quickest and easiest method to create quote images or memes. With just one tap, you can create great typography!

You can also use Font Candy to create iMessage stickers or create a bespoke sticker pack of your own design! Here’s where you can get the best quote-making applications for your iPhone.

13. Text On Photo – Quote Pic

This app is specifically created for Android users, allowing them to take use of technology while honing their writing abilities. There is a large selection of templates and quotations available. There are more features –

  • Freedom to select Quotes’ category
  • Write Quotes on Pic or on simple color background
  • Set background from your phone gallery
  • A lot of choice for fonts, size, and color.
  • Save your designs.
  • It is an Ad-free Quote making App.

14. Quotes Creator By ThinkPeak Studio

This app is specifically created for Android users, allowing them to take use of technology while honing their writing abilities. There is a large selection of templates and quotations available. There are more features –

  • Online Quotes design template
  • Can write multiple texts
  • Choose among various fonts, size, and color.
  • Decide Quotes ratio
  • Add multiple images
  • Save your quote design

15. Quotes Creator By Piyush Patel

This app is simple to use and has a basic interface that is suitable for all sorts of users. This free software contains a lot of useful features. Quickly go over them –

  • In-built picture collection
  • Customize your words.
  • Make your words colorful
  • Over 120 font styles are there
  • Can use your own photos

take away:

In this knowledge base article, we’ve examined all of the top quote-making applications for iPhone. I hope you picked the finest among them and that it assisted you in creating stunning iPhone quotes.

If you’re searching for a different sort of app, check out our app store review area, where we have reviews for practically every app.

If you’re looking for a certain type of app that isn’t featured, please let us know in the comments area below. Also, don’t forget to forward this post to all of your friends that enjoy creating quotations!

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