13 Best Apps to Download for Dog Owners

There are several applications available that are targeted exclusively at dog owners if you have a dog. There are things like training, healthcare, toys, and equipment.
We’ve picked together our favorites to make sure your pets are enjoying their best lives, from practical training advice to essential emergency care to make sure our pets are occupied and happy.

13 Best Apps for Dog Owners

1. GoodPup App

Dogs learn best in surroundings that are comfortable and entertaining with few or no interruptions. Your dog can learn more effectively at home, where GoodPup assists with training. This software contains a lot of structured workouts that undoubtedly aid in the training and success of your dog.

Additionally, GoodPup offers a function that enables users to review nearby pet-friendly establishments like restaurants and parks.

With connections like Garmin Connect, FitBit, and others, GoodPup makes it easy to discover everything you require to keep Fido happy while out for walks. One of the top applications for dog owners is Good Pup.

GoodPup Features

  • Personal trainers.
  • Chat with the trainer.
  • Trainers are Certified.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Many top dog skills.

2. Puppr

Puppr is a good option For dog owners in search of less formal training resources.

Puppr App offers live chat with teachers, over 100 courses, training videos, and progress monitoring. Additionally, Sara Carson, a well-known dog trainer, teaches the courses with her “Super Collies” canines.

Pupper Features

  • Login/Signup.
  • Masterclasses by dog trainers.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Lessons for training.
  • Sub lessons by trainers.
  • Push notifications.
  • Built-in clicker.
  • Live chat with professionals.

3. Whistle

Whistle app allows you to follow your dog’s whereabouts, as well as check his fitness and health. The app is free, but you must purchase the gadget and sign up for a subscription. Users receive useful warnings when their pet exits a specified safe zone, as well as virtual vet care to assist them in becoming the greatest pet parent possible.

Whistle is a Smart gadget built to provide a complete picture of your dog’s health.

Whistle it has a Crate Club rewards program that awards additional points. These points are earned by users who often use the app, visit nearby businesses, or engage in gameplay.

Whistle Features

  • Health monitoring
  • Fitness features
  • GPS tracking
  • Food calculator
  • Free shipping

4. Human-to-Dog Translator

A Human-to-Dog Translator can help canine owners understand what their dog is thinking. You record your dog snarling, whining, or barking on your phone. So that you can understand what’s happening with your dog, the Human-to-Dog Translator plays back their voice.

The Human-to-Dog Translator can facilitate more affectionate connections between animals and people. For instance, if your dog has recently started licking you after every walk, perhaps he needs to be taken for walks more frequently!

5. PupTox

The PupTox app compiles a crowdsourced list of over 250 products that are harmful to dogs and cats. You may search for things or browse through useful categories. You’ll never have to worry about if the plants you want to place in your garden are harmful to your dog, and if your dog gets a hold of some table scraps, you can quickly check to see whether they’re on the tox list.

6. Tracking Dog

The Tracking Dog app can tell you how far you’ve walked and how many steps per minute you take. It can also detect whether or not your dog is pulling on their leash.

Tracking Dog also allows you to monitor your dog’s activity level throughout the day. These tracking tools make it simple to determine whether they require additional activity or relaxation. In the event of an accident, Tracking Dog will notify you quickly so that you can clean up appropriately.

tracking dog features

  • Real-time, LIVE GPS Tracking – with location updates every 2-3 seconds.
  • Virtual Fence – get notified if your dog leaves the safe zone.
  • Activity Monitoring – keep track of your dog’s activity and sleep stats.

7. 11pets

When it comes to your pet’s requirements, the 11pets app appears to cover everything. You may use 11pets to save medical history, keep track of forthcoming immunizations and doctor appointments, and even manage your pet’s weight and diet. Furthermore, the account may be viewed from numerous devices, allowing your family members to stay up to date on the newest developments.

11pets features

  • Reminders for everything (deworming, vaccination, medications, …)
  • Complete medical records.
  • Shareable reports for your vet or caregiver.
  • Food tracking.
  • Food stock control.
  • Deworming management.
  • Vaccinations management.
  • Hygiene care management.

8. BabelBark Dog App

Bark is another excellent app for folks who need to walk their dog but don’t have time to do it themselves. You tell them when you need them picked up and where you want them to go.
There are applications available to assist you in walking, training, or playing with your pet. If you enjoy trekking with your dog, BabelBark is the app for you.

BabelBark Dog App first walk will be free, but after that, it’s only $12 per month. 

BabelBark Dog App features

  • mobile applications
  • intelligent cloud analytics
  • marketing tools
  • brings owners, their dogs, veterinarians, and suppliers together
  • helps owners take care of their pets, vets treat their patients, and pet care providers manage and grow their businesses.

9. iKibble

The iKibble app has a database that allows you to quickly consult a list of common meals and determine which are acceptable for your dog to consume. It also includes food information such as health advantages, feeding recommendations, and how to properly prepare the meal. You can keep track of your dog’s favorite meals and introduce new ones to him carefully.

iKibble features

Scroll through some common meals you’re familiar with to discover whether your dog can eat them as well.

10. Tractive Dog Walk

Tractive Dog Walkgives you important information on his whereabouts, such as distance traveled and speed. Another useful feature is the ability to set up alerts based on certain actions, like barking. This function alerts you even if he leaves a known region when he is not permitted too!

Tractive is a GPS tracking device for dogs. Tractive allows you to follow your dog’s whereabouts online at any time and receive notifications if your dog departs from a predefined region. This program is extremely useful when teaching your dog in unfamiliar environments or off-leash.

Glimpse, which allows you to upload images of your Pupp from anywhere, is another great tool for dog owners. You may also comment on and like the posts of other pet parents, making this app social media-friendly!

11. Rover 

Rover software (and website) allows you to search through a large directory of reputable dog and cat services. A handy search engine allows you to discover pet sitters, dog walkers, home sitting, drop-in visits, boarding, and doggie daycare. The Rover Guarantee backs up all of the services, which include 24/7 assistance, picture updates, and reservation protection.

12. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

From the palm of your hand, you can check insurance prices, make claims quickly and conveniently from anywhere, upload pet images, update your information, review your insurance policy, and check the status of your claims with 12 Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. You may also visit their blog to get useful health and training materials.

13. BarkCam

Do you want to take the ideal picture of your dog pal? BarkCam has 15 various noises meant to capture your dog’s attention and allow you to take a nice shot.