12 Best Drone Apps for iPhone and iPad – enhance your flight experience

Have you recently purchased a drone? That’s fantastic! You must be looking forward to flying it. You may rapidly become a drone pilot with your smartphone because most of these drone applications offer fantastic features like identifying fly zones, map position, weather prediction, and much more.

Drone applications may greatly improve your flying experience! There are several great iPhone drone applications for beginners and expert users.

Whatever decision you make is mostly determined by what you require. However, you should be aware that each drone app has advantages and disadvantages, so in order to utilize them, you must first understand everything there is to know about each one.

looking for the best drone apps for android and iPad you are at the right place. so let’s uncover the top 10 drone apps

Best Drone Apps for iPhone and iPad

12. Verifly

Insurance. Insurance, whether you like it or not, is an integral component of contemporary life. Unlike your vehicle or home insurance, for which you pay a monthly fee, Verifly offers insurance on demand. The concept is straightforward: your flights, particularly commercial activities, are either too infrequent or too dispersed and unpredictable to warrant full-time insurance coverage. Verifly lets you register your start and end times and then only pay for what you utilize. It starts at about $10 per hour.

To learn more about the actual coverage, click the download icons below. Global Aerospace, Inc. underwrites the policies.

11. Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)

If you’ve ever been outside… I’ll just stop there. Outdoor photography is nearly completely about regulating sunlight, and this is especially true for drone photography because there is no shade up there. Instead of guessing where the sun and moon will be, Sun Surveyor does this with high precision. An app can help you find the best sun or moon position.

10. Pix4D

Buyer beware: while this program is free, the software that powers it is not. Having said that, Pix4D is a capable 3D mapping tool for your drone. Pix4D, like DroneDeploy, provides configurable flying routines for a variety of popular drones (not only DJI), but also gathers image data for enhanced 2D and 3D output. To get the most out of this, you’ll need some pricey software on your PC, but the outcome is fairly slick — at least in terms of commercial/business 3D mapping.

I’d like to point out that you may have seen or used Pix4D without even realizing it. Manufacturers like as Yuneec are integrating Pix4D for mapping and other purposes in their main apps.

9. Hover

These top iPhone drone applications are great for incorporating meteorological information alongside mapping and position awareness, and it also considers visibility and wind direction. It’s a must-have for drone and quadcopter pilots.

Weather data, flight readiness indicators, an industry news feed, flight logs, and more features are included in these top drone applications for iPhone.

If you just want one drone app on your iOS device, go with hover; it provides fantastic functionality in a single app. Download

There is so much more you can accomplish with iPhone drone applications and so much more to discover on your path as a drone pilot.

8. Google Earth

There are several applications that may assist you in finding safe areas to fly. Google Earth, on the other hand, provides you with one-of-a-kind, exciting, and amazing destinations to fly.

It allows you to perceive cities and landscapes in new ways, leaving you speechless. As a drone pilot, this looks like a wonderful software to have on your mobile.

Satellite photography provides you with a 3D depiction of the world. You may explore using a mouse or keyboard, or you can get addresses and locations. Start your aviation journey by downloading Google Earth for free from the app store. Download.

7. Tesla Field Recorder

Although there have been no reports of drones collapsing and killing humans, drone operators can confess to having crashed a drone once or twice.

Because you don’t want to crash your drone due to inexperience or an avoidable mistake, it’s important for pilots to have personal knowledge of dangerous maneuvers, difficult locations, and zones to avoid unwanted drone accidents.

These are the greatest free iPhone drone applications. Utilize the magnetometer sensor in your Android handset or tablet to create a simple electronic magnetic scanner.

This aids in the detection of metals and electromagnetic fields, which aids in the prevention of drone collisions and the entire safety of the drone.

Keep records of magnetic fields or strengths in a certain region for future reference or needs.

6. DroneDeploy

Drone deployment’s wonderful features include automatic flights, data collecting, and the sharing of high-quality interactive maps.

It is preferable to configure your flight route or choose coordinates for your drone to fly in your desired flying direction and regulate camera exposure using the app.

The mobile app is free to download and use, and all users have access to a 14-day free trial plan.

You may develop 2D maps and 3D models for free with the free trial drone launches explorer plan. Your drone is ready to fly with only two touches on your iOS smartphone.

5. UAV Forecast

UAV Forecast is a drone software that provides additional information about the weather. This software has all of the weather information that a drone operator may possibly require.

You enter information about your drone, and UAV Forecast will tell you whether or not it is safe to fly.

The app will inform you of the wind speed, direction, temperature, and wind chill. You’ll want to know about cloud cover and visibility, as well as the possibility of rain.

This software has all of this and more, and it’s free.

4. AirMap for Drones

These top iPhone drone applications are all free and simple to install on your device.

This technology, however, is mainly focused with commercial piloting company, but it may still assist you with your fundamental needs as a drone pilot.

They have the backing of corporations such as Microsoft and Qualcomm. Geo-fencing, flight logging, drone mapping, and commercial piloting options are all available through the app.

If you are not a commercial pilot, a real-time traffic warning on the mobile app is required. It can do more than simply document flights and map out prospective landing spots; you can also use it for your own basic requirements.

3. Aloft (Kitty Hawk)

The Aloft app, formerly known as cat hawk, is free and simple to download and set up an account for, and it’s accessible on the Apple App Store.

When it comes to the best drone app for iPhones, you want one that can provide weather forecasts, map listings of no-fly zones, let you record flight logs, monitor drones, and provide live air traffic information.

These excellent gadgets are just what you want for a seamless flying experience as a drone pilot. From the pre-flight inspection through the post-flight analysis, you can assure reliable data.

2. Litchi

Who says your DJI drones can only work properly with DJI drone apps? Litchi is a drone app software solution that is compatible with your DJI GO 4, DJI GO, DJI MAVIC, and numerous DJI fly applications.

You can pre-program your flight path on Google Earth before you fly; then, when you’re ready to fly, load your pre-programmed flight path and press launch.

Many drone pilots like this iPhone drone software for its simplicity, while others like it for its waypoint capability.

It provides about the same experience as a DJI, however its way of operation is somewhat different.

Litchi enables autonomous missions and assists you in using intelligent flight modes such as panoramic. You may believe that you have access to all of these functions.

1. Kittyhawk

Sometimes all you need is an app that handles everything. Unfortunately, such software does not exist, but Kittyhawk is a near substitute.

This outstanding drone camera app will assist you with pre-flight inspections, weather, no-fly zones, maps with air traffic information, flight logs, and post-flight analysis.

Kittyhawk is constantly introducing new features, making the app more helpful, however these features need a membership.

It’s worth downloading and giving it a go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use manufacturer apps to fly my drone?

No, but there may be few choices available. If your manufacturer has made an API or SDK available to allow third-party applications to operate your drone, you’re good to go. Most manufacturers associated with the Dronecode and PX4 systems, as well as DJI drones, are included here. If you’re seeking for DJI GO 4 app alternatives, we’ve got you covered.

Do I have to use an app to fly a drone?

Some drones require an app to operate, although the majority can be operated using only the remote control. The cost is a lack of flashy flying features. For example, you can fly your DJI Mavic Air 2 with just the remote, record photographs and video, engage RTH, and more, but to use Quickshot flying modes or switch to panoramic shots, you’ll need an app on a linked mobile device. Remember that the live feed from your camera is also locked within the app for the majority of drones.

Should I pay for those expensive drone apps?

Please consider your needs before you spend money on alternative apps. Most are worth it, but only if you need the features they provide. For example, Pix4D is out of the price range of many hobby pilots, but the advanced mapping features they provide are crucial to some commercial operations. 

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