10 Best Auto Clicker Apps 2022 for Android & iOS

Have you ever wondered how many times a day you click on the screen of your phone? Consider the number of clicks you perform each week, month, or year. The top auto clicker apps for 2022 are on our list, taking care of all the work for you.

Best Auto Clicker Apps 2022 for Android & iOS

Auto Clicker – Automatic tap

If there are more Android applications in this category than iOS ones, don’t be shocked. Although one particular app has recently been rising on Google Play, its future is still uncertain. To make the most of the opportunity while it lasts, utilize your device productively.

It doesn’t need root access, and it features a very useful control panel where you can change all the settings and parameters even when the program is running in the background. The design of Auto Clicker is excellent compared to other common Android applications. Simply launch the app, position the areas of the screen where you want to click, and you’re ready to begin!

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Auto Clicker – Tapping

It will be possible to turn on and off the app Auto Clicker – Tapping from the menu bar. Following your selection of a link, button, or other item, applications will be launched.
You should choose a convenient operating interval in the settings.

You must activate audio and visual support for automatic pressing before using Auto Clicker – Tapping for the first time. When the program has helped you, it will be obvious.
The indicator may be disabled or made less noticeable as you become accustomed to the application.

Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap

This program assists in automating the clicking on a specific area of the screen. It may function in a variety of apps and programs. The functionalities of this tool include auto-scroll, multiple taps, and single tap. Set the desired clicks’ frequency, duration, and total number. All of your configurations may be saved for later use.

Use this application in games or a browser, for instance, if you frequently need to scroll the page while reading a lengthy article. You must install a unique extension that this service provides in order to accomplish this.


Click Assistant – Auto Clicker: Gesture Recorder

Drawing the mind map is all that is required to automate your clicks on this page; the software will take care of the rest. This app’s name speaks for itself. Since root access is not required, everything runs well. Additionally, Click Assistant stands out for having a stunning user interface.

You may configure the cycle time, the number of cycles, the time of waiting, the interval time, and other parameters. It’s also one of the most downloaded auto clicker applications on Google Play, and users’ good views in the comments section support the claim that the quality is respectable. Although it is a typical Android app, it is quite nice.

Auto Clicker – Automatic Tool

You can stop the monotonous screen clicks using this program. You can regulate the number of clicks or activate automatic page refreshing. The service figures out how many clicks were made on its own.

You can save a ton of time by doing all of this. Additionally, by entering the required URL, this tool enables you to take a snapshot of the entire web page.

Create a QR code using any data, including a picture. Overall, it’s a fairly versatile tool that you may use for all of your needs.

Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch

The program Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch simulates tapping particular locations on the screen.
You’ve come to the proper location if you want to click the link. At the predetermined period, the software has « clicked » in action.

You can carry out any action you are used to conducting with this program. You may access an additional window with activities by selecting the unique button at the bottom of the screen.

Auto Clicker

At first glance, it could appear like the creators of all those Auto Clicker applications were at a loss for names. Only available for Android, this Auto Clicker software is significantly simpler than the previous versions. You’ll need some time to get used to it because, when you first open it, it could be difficult to even grasp where to click.

Prior to going to the settings, you must first select the language. You may select the intervals and milliseconds, and the program will highlight the places where you need to click. Once all the fields have been completed, click « enable » to have the program operate continuously, even in the background.

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